Korean Style Potato Salad (Gamja salad: 감자샐러드)

Hi everybody! Today we are going to learn very easy and simple recipe, made with potato. Korean-style potato salad We call this “Gamja Salad”. Many people really like this. So, Have you ever been to Korean restaurants? And then you saw a lot of side dishes. And one of the side dishes, usually like, served this like mashed potato. Usually like a small plate served. It tastes a little sweet, creamy Oops! I’m boiling my eggs now. Because I don’t like hard boiled eggs. I boiled these three eggs with two cups of water around 17 minutes now. So, this is egg timer! This egg timer is so cute. One of my readers when I traveled to Europe,
and she gave it to me. Cool down with cold water. We need potato. 1 pound potatoes. When you make this, I think that large potato is better. Because easily you can peel. Small potato is very difficult. Pretty. My grandmother always liked to make a joke. After peeling, all these potatoes is so pretty. Small or large, or… you know.
Medium size is all pretty. I just washed my face and “Grandma!” And then my grandma was…
“Oh, You look so pretty! Just like a well-peeled potato!” So, I’m going to cut thinly. Like this half inch thick. And then, put this potato into heavy bottom pot. I’m going to boil this one but first, there are a lot of starchy coming So I’m going to wash away. By rinsing one time only. Like this. Pour out all the water. And then, I would add 1 cup water here. We need salt, a pinch of salt. And then, boil. So medium high heat. In the meantime, I’m going to chop up this cucumber. English Cucumber. It gives really refreshing and crispy. Slice thinly like this. But you see there are seeds. So in that case, you can just roll this again the other part. And then, roll again Again, This core you can eat it but it’s too moist. So I’m not going to use this. And then I just do this one more, Slice. See, around 1 cup. And then put it here This one, I will eat later. And then, salt.
We need. Salt around a quarter teaspoon. Let’s add it here and just mix this well. Soon it’s going to sweat. Then, we are going to squeeze out excess water And then this is it! And then, Let’s shell the eggs! We soaked this into cold water,
so easily you can shell this. Very nice. Pretty. Pointed part, it has under this, there is an air. So easily we can crack this. You’ve gotta start from here. And then separate egg yolk and egg white. Just push this down And then really make a powder Egg yolk powder So, now everything’s ready. Except for potatoes We need to wait until potatoes cooked. So let’s wait. See you soon. Like this. See? There is not much water here. And If there is more water, you can actually pour out. But now I’m going to lower the heat. Really simmer I would really simmer this. It’s cooked already. But I’d like to evaporate all the leftover the water. So it depends on how much water is still there And it takes one or two minutes For my potato, already almost water is gone So I’m going to simmer one minute. After that, we have some fluffy fluffy potato. Oh my god! Do you see? look like snow! little on the bottom… I don’t want to make it really burnt. Very easily you can mash this. Ok. And then, Egg white and two egg yolks. Mash together. Color has changed a little light yellow. (squeeze cucumber) Cucumber is going to be a little cooked with this hot potato. So it would be crunchy and crispy. Great. I have to taste constantly. Good. White pepper, around a quarter teaspoon. So I’m using this rice syrup, If you don’t have rice syrup, you can use sugar. I’m going to add two tablespoons.
If you like sweet stuff, you can add more. These days, mayonnaise sells this Canola Cholesterol Free. And I use this, Canola Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise. And soft, and crispy. You can imagine the taste. Let’s make sandwiches with this! Very filling. You can cut this half.
Or, if you like it more pretty, Then just edge parts cut it off. Your children, they would really enjoy this. Lunchbox’s done! Help yourself everybody. Don’t throw them away. This is delicious. Feeling is… It tastes like beans. Creamy, sweet, moist.
This is great. I used 1 pound of potato, 3 eggs, I have a huge amount of leftover. I’d like to keep, keep eating this making sandwich. Today, I just made this right-after making this, a little like a warm. But, you keep this in the refrigerator.
When it is cold, more refreshing. So, cold stuff and then make a sandwich. More tasty! Enjoy my recipe, See you next time! Bye!


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