LEGO Fifth Wheel Custom Built MOC Tour 2019

Let’s take a tour of my custom-built
LEGO fifth wheel. here we have Jay the surfer ready for a vacation let’s take a
closer look at the fifth wheel I do have my fake awning I actually found the
right door for this model this time so I end up getting one of the little train
doors this does open up I’ll take a look at the interior in a moment or two I’ve
got a slide out step the bottom we have our leveling jacks just use a couple of
bearing plates we’ve got the front part of the coach got the hitch managed to
somewhat get that to work here’s the other side very plain not a whole lot
going on of course here we have the rear with the brake lights and the bumper
this model took roughly about a week we can have to put together so it was a
really fun build top does remove so here is the basic plate construction I forgot
to mention there is a antenna on the top of this as well so this antenna doesn’t
raise up and rotate just like with my other fifth wheels does have slide-out
so these to use slide out very easily matter of fact they’re very loose so
that’s even better here we have the bedroom we have the living area kitchen
and bathrooms so let’s take a closer look here is our entry small galley
kitchen sink stove an oven and a refrigerator and freezer
well those doors are a bit of a pain to open up something that a bother just the
door that takes us into the bathroom so here we have a nice small cozy bathroom
my famous paper towel shower curtain let’s see if I can open that
so it’s just your basic shower for one of these yes it is pretty cramped I’ve
been many fifth wheels and those showers are not that big and here we have the
bedroom and got a TV now the bed I have it fitted with some
studs for a minifigure so we have Jay the surfer just slip him inside and he
does anchor down to the studs the reason being is so he doesn’t slide off the bed
I was thinking there’s got to be an easier way to keep them from falling off
there is a way right there also looks like a quilt sofa in our dining booth they put a
little light above there as well here’s the other part of the bathroom do have a
sink with mirror and a toilet this time I put a toilet you typically would find
an A or V if you’re interested in a tutorial on this model let me know in
the comments below we’ll see what will happen
I forgot to mention that there is an entertainment center yes I do use
computer monitors for TVs they look more like an old-school TV and I figure why
not stick them in there this is one of my best builds yet for a fifth well a
matter of fact this is my second fifth we’ll first one was rather boxy looking
I decided to improve it a bit oh yeah and Jay does fit in the booth so let’s
see if we can get him in there slides right in place this is a fully playable
bottle too I do have a grab bar and a porch light
by the door here we have the exhaust for our stove and two little vents for the
refrigerator here I do have exhaust for central heating now on the front of this
coach I do have some storage underneath we’re gonna take a look at that just
have two little doors and these are a bit of a challenge to open up what’s
gonna fill it in with some brick I sided not – where’s here’s the backside we
have our water or electrical down here is the cleanup for a gray tank let’s put
everything back together so the top does go on very easily start with that in and
just wiggle that down in there and it just sit right in place just push in our
step and on the other side we’ll just slide in our slide outs nice seamless
construction this does work with a little red pickup truck so let’s back
this into place we’ll hitch it up do have a hitch that snaps on to the two
studs inside of the bed I do have a tutorial on this pickup truck if
anyone’s interested I’ll have a link posted in the description now all we got
to do is fold up our leveling jacks should we get the ones in the rear there
we go does rotate very well took a lot of planning to get that just right now
we are on our way toward our next adventure


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