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Floor 57 of the Marriott… JW Marriott in Dubai this is the view from the window…. pretty impressive got a suite here… got… well… that speaks for itself doesn’t it but… I mean, just look at this view I just wanted to show you these villas… look how amazing these look I didn’t see ones quite this nice in Kuwait… maybe I was looking in the wrong places but this area is just stunning, look at that, you’ve got the Burj (Khalifa) just there god, I love this place, I wish I Iived here I don’t by the way, these probably are incredibly expensive or reserved for people … special people but wow… look, how nice is that? It’s quite weird because I’m in a mall but… I can see snow I’m trying to work out whether I’m in the desert or whether I’m in the French Alps No way, they haven’t got a little toboggan thing as well? this is ridiculous they’re all dressed up in little warm hats and scarves and gloves this is so strange this is bizarre… totally bizarre I mean you’ve really got to hand it to Dubai… if they want something, they just make it happen here ‘yeah, I want a ski slope in the middle of the one of the hottest countries in the world’ ‘yeah all right we can do that’ I’ve actually seen less impressive actual ski resorts in the mountains than I’m seeing right now I am very much in my happy place Do I like this? No Camels! I’m just going to show you these camels because this is funny, they’re standing up when the camels stand up, people freak out they do back first, then front Here we go! will he bite me or no? no no no no no what’s his name? His name is pretty Pretty? Ah, okay, well he is pretty You could just suck on this all day only apple, but that’s my favourite anyway, tufaHtayn so…


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