Lifestyle Changes After Breast Cancer

[MUSIC] Talk a little bit about life style changes
after diagnosis, after treatment is done. Things like, that you may have decided to
partake in. Exercise changes, diet changes. Things that you found that have been
helpful as a survivor.>>I felt that I was doing everything
right. I felt as if I had, my family didn’t have
it, I’d had my children by the time I, first
child before I was 30, I had breastfed, I had done all of
these things, I was eating a Mediterranean diet,
I was trying to exercise. So, in a sense afterward I sort of
thought, well, you’re just gonna enjoy yourself, and continue doing
what you’re doing, but I didn’t find. I sort of thought that I’d been doing
everything, and sort of was prepared, tricking the
fates and, and fooling them into thinking that it
could never, or fooling myself into thinking it
wouldn’t happen to me.>>You try to keep up those healthy
habits but you don’t have the sort of
superstition about them. You know some people that you meet have
all those healthy habits and, and you can sort of tell, have
the feeling that this is going to really prevent
something like cancer from happening to them in a sort of guarantee
kind of way.>>Mm-hm.>>And so I, I too keep up those
healthy habits. I was doing them before. I know that, at the end of the day some of
it is a crap shoot.>>I had someone tell me that stress
probably caused my cancer.>>[LAUGH].>>Then I was angry because I don’t
wanna think I caused it. I don’t need more guilt than I already
had.>>Right.>>And, maybe it did but I’ll never
know and maybe never in my lifetime. Maybe we’ll find this discovery that
stress sends out these chemicals or something but, I’m not
taking that on. I didn’t make any lifestyle changes
necessarily concerning diet and exercise. We normally try to eat healthy and that
sort of thing, probably the biggest thing that I did was try to learn
to live in the moment. I have always been a warrior. And wanted to solve problems, that were
never gonna be problems. And, a friend asked me at one point, not
long after I was diagnosed, if I was afraid of
the future. And I said no, I’m afraid I have no
future. One of my biggest fears. Was that I would never live to see
grandchildren. Our daughter had been married about a year
and a half, and they had no children when I was
diagnosed. And we waited another five years but now I
have grandchildren.>>I had a grandchild who was born in
May and I was diagnosed in August. And I just knew this child would never
remember me. I wasn’t. Now, well, she’s nine. And she has a seven year old sister, so,
but oh yeah, mm-hm, that first Christmas, it was like, this is
my last Christmas. [MUSIC]

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