Lifestyle Overland Interview – Create Epic Overland Videos: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of Exploring Photography right here on AdoramaTV, brought to you by Adorama, it’s the camera store that has everything for photographers and vloggers and adventure travel people like Kevin McCuiston, who is joining me here, actually I’m sort of joining you… We have a friend in common, Kevin is the founder videographer writer editor producer of Lifestyle Overland, so can you just tell us what the heck that is? Lifestyle Overland is the story of myself, my wife, and my six-year-old daughter and our travels through North America. We’ve been from the Gulf Coast to the Arctic coast and back again, and that we’re sharing all our pictures. So I have to admit in the past year… two years or so, through a mutual friend of ours this is how we met, Keith… I have become addicted to overland travel videos, and Kevin is one of the best out there at creating these videos, and you shoot stills.. is that correct? I shoot stills, 4k, 1080, Ishoot at all. You shoot everything…. drone footage? Drone footage, slow-mo footage, lots of Slow mo… Audio voiceovers? Yes. You edit your own stuff? Edit everything… you upload your stuff from the road? I try, okay this is insane, the amount of stuff that you do, and so I know that you’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the heck you do it. What do you use? And that’s really what we want to talk about in this video today. So if you’re a vlogger, I wouldn’t say you’re a vlogger… you’re more of a filmmaker I would say. I lean towards National Geographic, and less… Yeah absolutely you don’t see a lot of you with the GoPro walking around but
you’ve got some epic footage from places like north of Sedona up in Alaska
you’ve got slo-mo footage you’ve got drone footage things that years ago I
think would have been on national television
National Geographic but you do it all yourself so can you tell us some of the
strategies and the gear that kind of stuff well so basically I’m not a
professional videographer photographer I would be embarrassed if I tried to
discuss some of it’s just mind-blowing the science behind all of this and so
I’ve really been learning as I go so I went with the Panasonic gh4 fives
these are really user friendly but then it allows me to also expand my
capabilities as I get more and more proficient with
okay the capabilities the campus you have to exactly the same exactly and the
reason for this was there’s a there’s a saying two is one one is none when
you’re traveling in deep remote locations so I didn’t want to get into
Alaska or the Northwest Territories of Canada have a camera issue and then oh
the shoots just long so having two of these is uh it’s been good for backup
but the big advantages have you two separate lenses where I can set up one
drive-by with the vehicle safe let’s stop like that right because a lot of
people are not there so maybe you can first explain what the heck is over
landing okay because this is where a audience of photographers sir we don’t
know what that is first tell us what that is
and then tell us what the heck a drive-by is okay so over landing is
basically vehicle dependent travel the challenge is to outfit your rig with all
of the necessary equipment to go into remote locations sometimes very rough
roads to be able to extract yourself carefully yourself and bring it all back
home and so it’s like the Oregon Trail but now exactly exactly so that’s kind
of the challenge and then we have to go see a lot of places that people don’t
see because it’s not a paved road you know we get to see the behind the scenes
of nature and so it’s really an enjoyable adventure ok so let’s get back
and I also want to talk about season 1 but we’ll get to it okay because there’s
some epic footage that I hope all of you will watch so you’ve got two identical
gh fives but not two identical lenses tell me about the lenses you’re using
and why okay so this first lens right here is a 7:14 and I typically use that
for my quote-unquote vlog or talking head it’s also great inside the vehicle
so we can mount this on the dash we can flip it forward to watch the scenery or
we can flip it back to talk to camera and explain what we’re doing and
how do you mount this thing in your vehicle so every one of these cameras
has a Manfrotto quick-connect plate all my tripods have an exact match to that
and they even make a face plate I was able to mount to the dash of the 4runner
so it’s it’s really handy that everything interchanges that is
fantastic and so you mentioned doing a drive-by before it’s how you call it yes
what the heck is that for people who don’t know so basically you set up your
shot maybe there’s some epic background or maybe there’s a really nasty piece of
the trail where you only get some good articulation that the vehicle coming
through the rocks and so I’ll go and I’ll set up maybe a really low shot
using the Joby tripod let’s go and possibly driving away shot with one of
the taller tripods and so it really allows me since we’re shooting at all
ourselves it allows us to get a lot of content with less effort than it would
with a single camera and how important is it so I’ve also done a lot of travel
and one of the biggest problems for me is setting up the drive button setting
up a tripod on the side of the road in a place you’re in less populated areas
then I brought in my friend thinking someone’s gonna steal it but turning it
on driving to wherever driving past the camera turning back around coming back
grabbing it putting it back so how long does it take you to actually do that
it’s actually not as bad as you think the good news is my wife Sarah hates the
cameras and so she actually drives the rig 95% of the time even through some of
the nasty trails and stuff that we tackle that allows me to run ahead on
the trail or to run back and grab cameras so it’s been a really good team
for her to have that capability to allow me to focus on the content fantastic in
this other lens here this is a 12 to 60 right and this is used for what so
that’s gonna be all my b-roll so any slow-motion shots that you see
landscape shots things like that are going to come from that lens I also
noticed so you’ve got a rode videomic on both of these but this guy here is the
inexpensive sort of quick down and dirty just since the road it’s the pro version
right why do you have two different microphones that wasn’t intentional this
is a recent addition to the kit usually I would only run the mic on the camera
for talking head or I just want to talk about where we were located
what a beautiful camping area what what a beautiful place I am I’m stoked this
is awesome but I added this to the kit with the
intentions of using the GoPro 7 moving forward because I was impressed with the
stabilization still in the process of learning how I wanna use that I have
noticed that in a lot of your videos you have buttery smooth slow-motion you’ve
got really smooth handheld shot so I don’t see a gimbal here so how are you
stabilizing your footage the gh 5 it’s it’s quite incredible to be honest with
you so it has lens stabilization a sensor stabilization and it also has
electronic stabilization so that’s one of the main reasons I went with this
camera even though sony has better low-light
capabilities and possibly even a better picture quality in my opinion this works
well for what we do because we’re bouncing around in a car maybe I’m
running alongside the trail this is the Maverick Pro not the – it’s the first
edition is that correctly that’s correct and what are you doing with this game so
a lot of times we’ll use this for just incredible landscape again the vehicle
will be in motion my wife Sarah will be driving and then I’ll utilize the
controller with the large tablet so I can ensure that I’m getting the right
exposure and capturing the frame the way that I wanted so how do you
record your audio because you’ve got voiceovers you’ve got onboard
microphones but I noticed you have to zoom or these h1 h1 Sam these are
fantastic I’ve used these for years but why – in case I want to sit down an
interview someone and sometimes if we’re in a vehicle there’s a lot of road noise
and I like to bring that into a more personal level level so it’s easier to
edit and post so we’ll mic up both people in the passenger and driver seats
going down the road all of this footage are you shooting 4k Kennedy it depends
on the situation I like to shoot all of my wildlife stuff in 4k and then I’ll
even throw on this till telephoto lens here this is a 100 to 300 and really
have captured some beautiful moments with grizzly bears musk ox caribou some
really beautiful beautiful animals of North America ah you know my sort of
frame of mind is to take the lightest tripod you can when you’re traveling
these feel like the heaviest tripod possibly why why do you have such heavy
tripod uh primarily just for a wind the lighter the tripod the easier it is for
the whole thing to blow over and we travel in some fairly extreme weather
from time to time so having that way it gives me a sense of security whenever
I’m setting up a shot okay so it’s just and these guys can get a low high and
they’re just sort of industrial-strength and because they’re not the super
lightweight they’re not incredibly expensive that’s right these are very
informal and we could talk for another hour or two about all this stuff because
it really fascinates me we don’t have that much time in this episode right but
you’ve got a YouTube channel and an Instagram channel where you upload
behind-the-scenes footage as you’re traveling all of that stuff so people
can actually contact you directly mmm see the stuff and get some cool merch so
again where are you people find out so you can find us on YouTube
just search lifestyle over land or on Instagram Facebook as well our
supporters if you’re looking for behind-the-scenes footage or maybe even
GPS coordinates if you want to go out and take your own adventure you can find
us on patreon at slash lifestyle overland and yeah that’s all
of those links are in the description of this video and I just have to warn
everybody if you start watching these videos it’s gonna be a binge wash so get
some coffee get ready because it’s really epic I
absolutely love it thank you so much Kevin for joining us
and don’t forget to subscribe to Adorama TV because it’s absolutely free we
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again for joining us and I will see you again next time


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