Lifestyle Store Sydney Home Show

– Hi, I’m Venot from Lifestyle Store and I’m going to take you on a quick tour of our home show stand. The stand features the
latest in audio visual and home automation technologies, and we range some of the
world’s leading brands. Over here we have some of the new Klipsch home theatre products and portable audio
products including the new mini Bluetooth speakers which are up here. This is part of their new
Heritage Classics series and it’s inspired by some
of the very old traditional speaker which you’ll see over
the other side of the stand that I’ll take you to. We do the complete range of A/V receivers so we do a lot of the
world’s premium brands such as Denon and Marantz
and most importantly, this wall here that you can see has invisible speakers in it. So there are five invisible
speakers and subwoofers in this wall and they’re all
concealed behind the wallpaper, and you don’t see anything
other than a painted surface or a wallpaper surface. ♪ What about us… ♪ One of the home automation
brands that we do is Crestron which is over here, Crestron
integrates with Alexa for full home automation
from voice control, easy use from a touchscreen, you can go in from your touchscreen, select your room and be able
to do things like lighting, music, being able to set scenes and do everything from
the touch of a button. All of these systems can
integrate with any aspect of the home including home theatre, multi-rooms and one of the theatres that
we have at the stand here is our Klipsch home theatre
which is in this room. Our Klipsch home theatre
features a full Klipsch speaker system as well as a full
custom designed room. At Lifestyle Store, we do
every part of a home theatre, so we will supply you with
the audio visual system and we’ll also build your room,
so the starlights that you can see up on the ceiling, all of the acoustic
treatments that you can see on the walls, the cinema seating, we take care of everything
for a full complete home theatre experience. We have another room
over over on this side, so over here we have a
Paradigm home theatre. Paradigm are a Canadian speaker brand, so the speaker’s look quite similar but we have a different
style of home theatre room. So in here, this room’s a lot
more tailored to the room, so everything’s a lot more seamless. The walls are all custom
built and we will build a room like this to serve a client’s
exact specifications, needs and budget. To go with this, some
music around the house, we also do custom speakers, so for that, Tre, can I move you down a bit. We do in wall speakers, we
do outdoor speakers which are up here and then we do
speakers designed to go in the garden which can look like rocks, they can look like large landscape lights and there’s even big subwoofers
to go out in the garden as well as a rack of
equipment to run power all of your amp, all of your speakers. Hi-Fi systems are another
part of what we do at Lifestyle Store. Over here this Hi-Fi system
is close to $200,000 dollars and it includes McIntosh electronics. Front. Which feature all valve based technology, large individual 1250
watt mono power amplifiers for each speaker and electro-static
speakers where the sound radiates from the front and
the back of the speaker. (reggae music) Our main home automation
brand at Lifestyle Store is Control4. And this area is a
Control4 experience centre. In this area, we can show
a client different elements of a home, so everything from
a living room through to a master bedroom. In a master bedroom we
can control the T.V, so I can grab my phone, go to my phone, connect to a room in here, I can say I wanna operate
the master bedroom. I can go… And at a touch of a button,
that T.V will turn off, it’ll motorize out of the way ♪ At last ♪ (classic jazz music) You’ve got integrated
speakers into the joinery, elements like security cameras
so you can monitor the house, throughout any of those areas. We can do motorised blinds. So touch the button again,
the T.V’s turned off, the blinds open, you have
the view to your backyard. All of this, we have a
living room over here, again integrated with Alexa. Fireplace is in the custom joinery. The latest in soundbar technology. More garden speakers. And a complete home is run by
a rack, so here you can see this rack is running the
data and audio visual to run this complete stand as
well as the other rack you saw earlier. And everyone of these solutions
is tailored for our clients. We also do wireless speakers,
so two of the best known wireless speaker brands
are Heos and Sonos. (pop music) So we have the complete
range of Sonos speakers, Heos speakers, and all of the soundbars, so the latest soundbars
from Heos and Sonos as well as the NS which
allows you to expand music to other rooms with your soundbar system. ♪ Got it if you want, got
it, got it if you want. ♪ We also have another theatre up here, so third theatre on the stand. The theatre that’s up
here is a Bose theatre. Again with another starlight ceiling. Again another custom room
and this is running the tiny top of the line Bose, Jewel Cube speakers. Which, as you can see by
my hand, are ultra compact but give you a complete
home theatre experience. More cinema seats setting
our large showroom in North Parramata, We have all these different
cinema seats available. We have clients that come in,
audition them and see them and we set them all up
at the HIA Home show, so we have all of our cinema
seats, theatres and automations on display. Finally, over on this side, we have… – (whispers) How you doin’ – Alright buddy Finally over on this side, we
have all the Bose lifestyle systems, so we have out
here both Slim Line system and the normal systems and
they’re all mated with the latest top of the line
Loewe Oled televisions. Loewe televisions are made in Germany and have been since 1923. Super thin as you can see from the profile on the side of them and feature
the latest Oled technology. So if you’d like to check
out these sorts of products, the latest in home automation
and home theatre technology, come and see us at the HIA Home Show and explore what technology
we can deliver for you. Thank you.

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