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Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! Stories with toys & dolls here! Look what I have for you today! The custom LOL surprise dolls Halloween series! These are DIY balls, boys and girls, so that means that I made them. They’re not official LOL dolls sold in stores or anything. I just made them for fun. And not only the balls are Halloween themed, but there are also surprises inside of them, including dolls that are dressed up in Halloween costumes! How about we get right to it and start opening them now so we can see all the surprises we have and see what dolls we get. I painted this ball as black as the night
sky and put on little moon stickers. I also put this ghost on the ball and I’m not sure if the camera picks it up but it’s completely covered in glitter. Ooh, yummy, a chocolate! Pumpkin confettiiiiiiii And the doll that comes out is a ghost! Friends, let’s see if you can guess which
doll is dressed up as a ghost here. If you know, tell me in the comments! Let’s continue on to the next ball. I painted this ball gray because it’s another popular Halloween color. Zombies, skeletons, skulls, and all of those things are usually gray. So that’s why the ball is gray. I also put on these bling-bling letters, and
also these bats that are also stickers. The moon, and a little spider up here. Let’s open it so we can see what doll it is
and what she’s dressed up as. (shrieks) An eye! Yikes! (laughs) Sorry friends, that caught
me by surprise. Let’s see the doll. It’s…tan-tan-tan-tan! A skeleton! And she comes with some surprises, let’s see what they are. Two fake jewels in Halloween colors. Spider-shaped confetti. Yikes! (laughs) A lot of spiders! And it has these glittery stones that are
like shaped like candy corn. But they’re not actually candy they just look like it. They’re actually for decoration. And I’m not sure if the camera picks up that they’re completely covered in glitter. Let’s put the Skeleton girl away. Now we will open this one. I painted this one orange because as you guys know the pumpkin is a very typical Halloween symbol. So I painted the lol ball orange so it can
look like a pumpkin. And then I put these terrifying spiders on it. (laughs) Just for the scares. Let’s see what surprises this ball has. Ooh, confetti! It’s the black cat! The black cat is another very popular costume on Halloween. And here we have more surprises, let’s see what we have here. Friends, don’t mind my hands with paint
on them. I was here painting all the balls and I got
some paint on me (giggle). So the ball has these two Victorian cameos and they have these two skeletons that look like they’re from the Haunted Mansion. Let’s leave the black cat over here. Next one, next one. This one has a simple but nice design. I painted it black and put these pumpkins
that are completely covered in glitter as well. Okay, let’s open it. (gasps) A little witch! And she has a hat as well. How cute, I love this accessory. Friends, I have something to tell you about this lol doll. My sister made this one. She made her dress with glitter on it to make it look like stars. She painted her braids black. And here’s her witch hat. Boys and girls, guess who’s the doll dressed up as a witch. If you know, tell me in the comments. And since no witch is complete without her broom…here I bought her a broom. (flying away sound) Oh no, the witch flew away! Last ball! Let’s take a look at it. I painted it orange as well, just like the
pumpkins. I put some bats here another very typical
Halloween symbol. The moon and some cute little stars. Let’s see who is in here. It’s…a pumpkin! She’s dressed as a jack o lantern, and I don’t think she came out that good to be honest. But she’s okay. What do you think, friends? Does she look like a jackolantern or the Cheshire cat? (laughs) The surprises she comes with are…these clothespins. And we can use them for school papers, notebooks, for scrapbooking, and stuff like that. Boys and girls I hope you liked these DIY
LOL “Halloween series”. Like I said they are DIY they’re not official
LOL dolls. I just made them for all of you guys to enjoy. So if you liked them, give this video a like
at the beep. (beep) I’ll play the beep again in case you didn’t
make it the first time. (beep) Friends I love you all so so much! And if you want to see when Chelsea and her friends went to a haunted mansion click on the card on the left, if you want to see when the LOL dolls went to the Scooby Doo haunted house click on the card on the right and subscribe! There’s still time to be one of my first million subscribers ever!!!


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