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I was so nervous. I was excited. Tell us more. We had loads of different people from different
companies come speak to us. Asos is all about being very good fun, it’s
very fast fashioned. Urban Outfitters specifically is targeted
in the US it’s 16-25 years old. Fashion Edge is a multi-branded premium accessory
distribution company. But I think the House of Fraser one just called
me because they haven’t done the placement before so they were really enthusiastic to
get us in. You do pretty much everything. It’s definitely not a coffee making situation. We don’t treat our interns as interns. They
come here and they do the job and they’re a member of staff and they’re getting on
and doing it. Half of it was design, half of it was marketing. She did a bit of logistics, credit control
and customer services. They’ve been really good training me, teaching
me slowly. And you get paid for it. She’s now our junior salesperson. And she’s
part of our sales team. I wouldn’t have got the placement if it
hadn’t been for the careers advisors. We sat down and had a chat about the kind
of roles I would like to apply for. What they’re really great at is driving
home to you how important it is to just be persistent with your pursuits to find a placement. We had a module preparation for the industry
which helped us put a CV together, cover letter, interview process and prepared us for working
in the industry. I think London College of Fashion for us was
a perfect brand partner. We work with Holly and then sit down with
her tutors, half way through the process they come in and we have a catch up. We find the best way to find the new student
is we get the old placement students to do the interviews and get the right candidate
in because they know exactly the kind of person that we’re looking for. I think I learnt about the real life experience
of the job, how fast paced the work environment is. It was interesting working in print and in
the high fashion atmosphere. In uni you learn all the theory and go through
textbooks and do exams, but nothing really prepares you for the working environment. You need to really get the industry experience
as well as the degree so that you’re the best equipped as possible when you graduate. It’s all about being really passionate. It’s such a good opportunity, especially
for international students. Get as much industry experience as possible. Research the role, I think that’s the most
important thing. It’s a very small industry, so make sure
you make a good impression on everybody because everyone knows everybody.

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