LORE – Vagrant Story Lore in a Minute!

In the European-esque kingdom of Valendia,
House Nalzarc ruled peacefully for over a millennium until the corrupt Regency of Gurunas
took over. Everyone became jaded, wishing for the good old days of magic, monsters,
and everyone being nice. Eventually civil war broke out and House Gurunas was defeated
with the help of House Bardorba, clearly the best dudes. In the middle of Valendia sits one of its
oldest cities, Leá Monde, founded millennia ago by the dancer-slash-dark-priestess Müllenkamp.
Recently, Parliament tried to harness its dark power through secret rituals and sacrifices,
eventually causing an earthquake that turned the city into undead-infested ruins… you
know, typical government stuff. Decades later, political scheming in Valendia
is at an all-time high. After Müllenkamp cultists take Duke Bardorba’s family hostage,
the church sends its knights, the Crimson Blades, to deal with them. Not to be left
out, Parliament sends you, Ashley Riot, after the cult’s leader, Sydney. The good news: You are an elite “Riskbreaker”
agent, basically the Final Fantasy version of Solid Snake and master of all forms of
combat. The bad news: Sydney has fled to the depths of Leá Monde and to get to him you’ll
have to fight through every type of monster imaginable. Oh, also you’ve been framed for the Duke’s
murder so now pretty much everyone wants you dead. Have fun!


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