‘Make Spain great again’: does Melilla really need a Trump-style wall? | Divided Cities

We already have a fence,
we have a very dangerous fence. For me it’s a terrible
symbol for Europe. I believe building a wall
would not solve the problem it would only force migrants to
take more difficult and dangerous routes which would cause more suffering and deaths. Spain as a southern border
has a very important role, last year we received the
most migrants in the whole European Union, but at the same time,
this number is pretty manageable by Spain and Europe as a whole. The current minister of interior
announced that he would remove razor wire from the fence, the fact is that the Moroccan side
does have razor wires so in practical terms,
it would be more or less the same. Morocco is basically protecting Spain
so there’s a Spanish responsibility of that side as well. Spain has to continue to comply
with its obligations in terms of human rights, and be a welcoming country
as it’s always been.


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