Makeup, Clothes and Hair For Older Women – Petite

Hello. I’m Candice and I’m from
Kettering. I’m considered to be petite size becuase of my height. But now I’m retired I’m so out of touch I find that black is creeping into my wardrobe quite a lot. I’m really looking
forward to today. I’m looking forward to having my hair done. To wear the kind of makeup that suits me and I’m looking forward to trying on some really super clothes. Would you like to see what a really
great makeover can achieve? I’m Cyndy and my business partner Jan and I help
grown-up women find wonderful, appropriate clothes at And I’m Tricia. I’m founder of Look Fabulous Forever and we have a range of
makeup specifically formulated older women. Keep watching this video and you’ll see how the right clothes, hair and makeup can completely transform your appearance. So we’ve done a lovely makeup on Candice using the Look Fabulous Forever
products. We started off with her eyes making sure that they’re well defined.
Lovely eyebrows framing her face and her eyes. And beautiful cheek colour, Peach Cream
and Soft Coral lips. And I think you’ll agree with me that she looks absolutely gorgeous. We’re showing a basic T-shirt for Candice. This is the perfect neckline for her, it actually mirrors the length of her face into the shape of the T-shirt and it’s something that you should always be looking out for. And we’ve also put Candice in a different bra which gives her more support. Here is Candice in the basic top and jeggings that you saw before. What we’ve done is added a jacket and we’re going to add different jackets so that she can wear the basics on different occasions. This one, with the little peplum is very slimming for the hips. It’s beautiful and is a divine colour for her. We’ve taken this jacket, and we’ve given it a bit of a dress-up with some bling. Now this is beautifully in proportion, in scale with Candice’s petite size. Another thing with petites is always to have the sleeve length shorter than the wrists so that it actually elongates the legs. This jacket, which Candice has told me is her actual favourite, is in a petite size, it’s got lovely three-quarter length sleeves which work perfectly. It’s a jacket which can be worn perfectly well with the basics of the trousers and the top and for even more formal occasions will look great with a skirt. In this pencil knee-length skirt, court shoes and the coat in one block of colour, Candice now looks taller and slimmer.


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