Making a Custom Collage in Lightroom

(chalk scratching) – [Voiceover] Making a collage
is probably one of the things I do most in the Print module. The default templates don’t
really have any good collages, so I end up making my own. I start by setting up my page size. I always create a custom
size, and I want to keep to the two by three aspect ratio. So I’m going to make it 36 x 24 inches. If you’re printing it,
then you’ll want to choose the paper size that you
actually are going to print. In my case, I’m more
likely to just export this as a JPEG file. So, I’m just looking for a
big file that I can work with and maybe size down if needed. Now I have this nice, big space. But I want to change my
layout style so that it’s a custom package. It gave me two pages for
some reason, so I’ll go ahead and delete one of those pages. I’m also going to clear my layout. I don’t really need the
guides, and I don’t really need to know the size of the image cells and the dimensions or anything like that. So I’m going to uncheck “Show Guides”. And this will basically
just give me a nice kind of clean sheet of paper to work off of. Now I go into Cells. I’ll just click on one, and
it will add a nice image box for me. Here I can resize as needed. I’m just going to keep
adding different cell sizes. And I’m just trying to create
a nice, uniformed look. I’ll just keep adding cells
until I get something that looks fairly interesting and nicely balanced. You don’t need to align your
grid as neatly as I did. The images can overlap,
or they can be spaced out even further. Now adding photos is just a
matter of dragging and dropping. If you have any images like
this one that is rotated and I don’t want it to be
rotated like that, go back up to your Image Settings and
uncheck “Rotate to fit”. If you need to reposition an
image inside of the collage, hold the Cmd (PC: Ctrl) key
and just move it around until you get it to where you need it. You can also add borders and
strokes to each of the images inside of the Image Settings panel. I think a white photo border
does a nice job of separating the images within the collage. And that’s the basics of
creating your own custom collage. (chalk scratching)


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