Mango Tree Grafting Double Rootstock New Style Of Grafting Mango Tree

Step 1: Prepare new rootstock This rootstock is 2 months old ( growing from seeds ) This is the mango tree that will be added rootstock This is grafted mango tree Step 2: Plant in one pot the grafted mango tree and new rootstock Remove the pot/ polybag Plant the new rootstock as close as possible to the mango tree to which you will add new rootstock Step 3: Cut new rootstock 8-10 cm from soil Step 4: Slice the bark like this watch your hand Step 5: Slice on new rootstock like this be careful with the knife Step 6: stick it and tie with grafting tape I need your support by subscribe this channel Please like and share this video, thank you Mango tree grafting double rootstock Grafting lesson official 1 month later Mango tree grafting by grafting lesson 2 Months later How to grafting mango tree by grafting lesson 5 Months later

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