Maternity Clothes for Cheap- Postpartum Clothing

Here’s a lesson I wish I would have learned
sooner rather than later. I’m using this method postpartum, but I could have used it during
pregnancy and saved a lot of money. The problem was after I had my son my pants did not fit.
My pre pregnancy pants were too small of course and my maternity pants were too big. The elastic
was stretched (especially on my jeans) and I couldn’t wear these pants without them falling
down. I decided to try my belly bands again. They
did not work. They were always riding up, and I was constantly adjusting them in attempts
to keep my midriff and backside covered. Finally, I discovered the tank top trick.
Originally, I was going to cut the tops of the tank top off in attempt to make a longer
belly band. Then I stopped myself and just cut off the straps in order to make the belly
band longer. That worked well, but then I realized I could just keep the straps on and
pull the whole tank below my breasts to get a really long belly band with optimal coverage.
If you are using this method during pregnancy, you might have to actually cut off the top
of the tank in order to have it fit around your belly.
This tank is great because it is a control top tank and it really stays in place. This
one has a built in bra that I actually pull down in order to make the tank even longer.
This one is a super stretchy tank with super long straps. I actually wear the straps on
my shoulder and pull the tank part below my breasts. They actually sell nursing tanks
that are designed this way.

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