Metallic Snake-skin Style Nail – using Bubbles!

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going bubble crazy. Yes, alright! I know I like the bubbles, but this is totally different. Super quick and we’re gonna use the Metallic. So, first of all, we’re gonna sculpt up the nails. We have already prepped this beautiful nail of Vanessa’s. Adam: What a beautiful nail. It’s not wide, scraggy nail.
Vanessa: So it’s not used for finger-pick, nose-picking and bum-picking this time. Adam: No, it’s beautiful.
Vanessa: it’s a beautiful nail. Kirsty: It’s a beautiful wide nail. Vanessa: It’s a thumb. It’s not a toe-thumb nail.
Kirsty: It’s not a toe-thumb. Them, ooh. Vanessa: I’m quite glad it’s not one of them though. Kirsty: It’s like…I think it’s a genetic thing, ain’t it? I think, is it something that you inherit, that toe-thumb? Vanessa: I have no idea.
Kirsty: If you don’t know what toe-thumb is, it’s like where the thumb is… Vanessa: A toe.
Kirsty: It looks very much like a big toe. It’s like quite bulbous and it’s a very short wide nail bed. Kirsty: I have a friend with one, her name is Amy. Just telling everybody, Amy. And they are difficult to do nails on, to be honest. Maybe we should get her in just so we can her thumb. They only want you for your thumb. So, I’m gonna fit a sculpting form and as I said, I’ve already prepped this nail. I’m just gonna snip the sides of my form. Slide down and snip the sides. Just to relieve a bit of pressure from the skin at the side of the thumb. That fleshy part can sometimes put too much pressure on the form and we can’t get it nice and narrow. Better. We’re gonna use the dehydrator and the primer. First, we’re gonna dehydrate with the Nail Prep Dehydrator and then we’re gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer. Wait till your dehydrator is completely evaporated. And I’m gonna try my very best to one-bead this. I need…it’s a big thumb. A wide thumb. Kirsty: Thumbs aren’t normally wide. Can you imagine if your thumb was like tiny. You’d look a bit weird, won’t you?
Vanessa: Mm-hmm! Vanessa: I’d say it was an alright thumb size. It’s not the widest. Kirsty: It’s not the widest.
Vanessa: No! Kirsty: See how I work through the powder three times and checked. Let’s get this cuticle area done. Tipping the finger down. Make sure you clean your brush, so it’s a nice paddle shape. That’ll help you when you do that cuticle area. And we’re gonna stretch the product down, we can start to bring the finger up. Stretch the product to the length that we want. Obviously, I couldn’t do a humongous long nail because I wouldn’t have enough product. We’d definitely not be able to do a one-bead application for that. But these are just like a salon style, salon length nail. Can I just have your other hand, Vanessa, so I can do a bit of measure measure? So, I’m just gonna look. Will allow a little room for filing. Just put on a tiny bit here. And let’s wait for that setup. So, I’ve took the form off, we’re gonna file this now. So, I’m gonna do side walls. Both sides. Check down the barrel, make sure they are level, and let’s do that cuticle. Get that nice and smooth. You want to create the appearance that the nail is growing right from the cuticle area. And when I say the nail, obviously, the real nail is growing from the cuticle area, I’m aware of that. But we want it to look like this extension is growing straight from the cuticle area. I’m just gonna buff the nail. Make it nice and smooth, and then I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Give it a nice clean. Look at that. So clean! And then I’m going to put on…if I can find it there… it is right in front of my face, two coats of Serious Black. Don’t be tempted to put a big thick layer on. Some designs we can get away with just one coat because if we’re doing like marbling or things like that, but I want to make sure I’ve got a really good coverage. I’m gonna do two thin coats. Pop that in. So, I’m gonna topcoat them now. The reason I’ve topcoated, so they’ve all got the black on and they’ve all got top coat on, the reason that I’ve topcoated them first is because I want to leave no room for error when it comes to doing the Metallics. So, what I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna paint top coat again onto the nail. So, this is the Urban Graffiti Tack-free No Wipe Top Coat. Bubble mixture. Bubble mixture which is dish soap and water and equal parts of each and then a tablespoon of Isopropyl alcohol, which is your Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Magic ingredient. We’re gonna squeeze. This thing is like a little bubbly worm. Make sure the whole nail is covered, obviously, if you’re doing a full nail. Pop your bubble…your bubble nail into the lamp. Bring me that out. We’re gonna take some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on a pad and we’re gonna burst all the bubbles. And we’re gonna wipe over. Oh my God! Look at that. It’s amazing! Oh, I love it! Vanessa: It remind be of them black bags, that texture. Kirsty: Black bags
Vanessa: Oh, what is called? Adam: Oh, me nails are lovely they look like black bags Vanessa: Handbags Adam Kirsty: Oh, handbags. Vanessa: Yeah!
Kirsty: Snake skin. Vanessa: That one.
Kirsty: Yeah, it’s kind of the effect we’re looking for. Vanessa: It looks exactly like that.
Kirsty: It looks like snake skin and that’s what we want. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna do this on all of the nails, get that done first. See if we can do two at a time. I’m really adventurous. And go into the lamp. Burst the bubbles. Kirsty: I love how they always look different. Everyone is unique just like you and your own special way.
Vanessa: Hmm! Extra special. Kirsty: Extra special. Now, we’re gonna use the Metallics. I absolutely love the Metallics. So, they’re like a hybrid polish, so they do air dry. They can be encouraged to air dry by putting them in the lamp. Kirsty: And I’m opening those three bottles, yes.
Adam: Oh my God! You’re just like dicing with death there. Kirsty: A little bit. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over the top and add the colours, so we’ve got that pink purple, bit of red. I’m gonna add a bit of gold into the mix. Don’t worry if you get any on the skin, it’s absolutely fine. I’m gonna do this over all of the nails, and you wanna just sort of work it in, do a little smudgy kind of marbling pattern and other design that does not have to be perfectly done. We don’t want no straight lines or hard lines. We want them to sort of merge together. Right! We’re just gonna put them in the lamp to let them dry. Now, you could topcoat it like that but what I like to do is, I like to lightly file or you could use a buffer. Adam: Why? Kirsty: And I, let me just. Can you see what is happening? Adam: Mmm! So, you’re taking the metallic off the raised bit so it makes the…
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: The things more prominent like the circles, the bubbles, sorry.
Kirsty: Yeah! I’ll put a little bit more on that bit. Kirsty: So I’m gonna do like… gonna do this all over the nail. So, you can…it makes it look even more deep and makes it look more effective, I feel. So, you can use a buffer or a soft file. This is my favourite one. I like how the colours are on this one. You know, so it just takes off the Metallic of the parts that are raised and then you can actually see the black from underneath. So, that’s why I needed the black underneath. So, you’re gonna make sure you get all the dust off before the top coat. And as you’re putting the top coat on, you want to make sure that it’s sits into all those little gaps. And we’ll need two layers of topcoat, which will just make everything a lot smoother. Pop me that in the lamp. And at this stage, if you need to neaten up. You’re gonna do that now because we’re gonna topcoat again. So, I just like to run the file around the edges, just so I know it’s nice and neat. You know all those bubbles have made it, you know, a bit irregular at the edges. And also, we can wipe over with some Acetone. So, once you’ve wiped over, you can see any of the staining gonna come off. That’s sort of….that could be around the finger or anything. Then we’re going to buff to make it really smooth and then we can topcoat again. So, you’re gonna have a final top coat to seal and also add extra shine. So, once you’ve buffed, we’re gonna topcoat. Here we go. Final top coat of the day. Adam: Not of the day, love.
Kirsty: Not of the day though. Kirsty: Final top coat of the video. Bit of Cuticle Oil. And they’re easy to wear as well. Don’t they look that cool? Adam: Hmm! They do look really cool. Kirsty: There you are, guys. Another way to use the bubble effect. Obviously, a bit obsessed. I hope you’re obsessed as well. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and also, everything I’ve used today will be listed below. Bye-bye! Where have I just put the top coat? Vanessa: What did you say?
Kirsty: Blob bubbly. Who don’t what that means? Adam: How rude. You’ll have blubbly nails.


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