Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali. Epic Rap Battles of History

Michael Jordan cuz you got as much chance of beating me as LeBron I’m a fly machine like a never see you can fight one man I can drive to a whole team I choked a joke with this old jump rope you’ll just smoke when I float you can tell you bribed a joke just to float like a butterfly sting like a bee now you fuck with triple balls got nobody to save oh here comes Jordan big tongue wobbling flying through the air like a big dumb gobbling you’re the only bull that’s ugly of the Rodman mess with me is gambling you got a problem your whole basketball careers hurt watch when you came back a wizard like hands off the black this should’ve kept your ugly sneakers back up on the Shelf stick the golf eat the ball to yourself oh I’m so pretty my hand is so fast I’ll whip your face back to your Hitler mustache now your daddy got killed and I feel for your family but your baseball career now that was imagining man you make me sick but I’m better with the flu you should let the press bridge through you wrap it with your wish I will test a bunch of different but I’m not done school stay all up in your grill like my name is George Foreman I saw you slapping Reggie Miller boy what’s wrong with you you fight like the little girls to make a Nike shoes McDonald’s and Underpants as corporate backers he stands the rich because you sold out the crackers so cash this one’s our talk about cashing check I’ll school you through your bug spray [Music] once we get [Music] Oh [Music] you


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