Minimize The Appearance Of Pores And Brighten-Up Dark Spots With Two New Products From Robin McGr…

(audience clapping) You know, as we’re celebrating our 18th season of Dr. Phil, Robin is also celebrating some brand new products in her luxury skincare collection. Robin McGraw Revelation. (audience cheering) Yes, yes, and one of my new products is a must have if you love taking selfies and really who doesn’t? You’ll always be camera ready and picture perfect with my new Pore Tiny ME. This perfecter cream minimizes the appearance of large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. And our exclusive advanced dynamic infusion technology quickly delivers collagen boosting peptides for amazing results. And if sun or age has you seeing dark spots, I have a new product just for you. I’ll get right to the point, well actually that’s the name of my skin brightening dark spot corrector. Apply directly to a dark spot or all over your face. It lightens skin’s complexion with antioxidant rich ingredients delivered quickly, thanks again to our patented dynamic infusion technology. So make sure you’re looking your best with Robin’s brand new Pore Tiny ME and To the POINT! I love names Robin comes up with for her products. She makes all of these up. Yes.
To get yours just head over to and while you’re there you can order all the products in her luxury skincare collection. And audience you know Robin never sends you home empty handed so you’re all going home with Pore Tiny ME and To The POINT! (audience cheering) That’s not all. Phillip is always saying he could never do this alone, he has the best staff and crew in the business so I brought both products for everyone on your staff. Cool. (audience applauding) And if you’re in the Los Angeles area or planning to travel here, we would love to have you in the audience. Just go to and click on tickets. And best of all the tickets are free. Thank you, we’ll see you next time.


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