Mstyle | Fashion Atatck

Hi, my cookies! Welcome to another video for M Style! What do you say we do a fashion review
of the influencers of the moment? Let’s analyze them to see whether
they’re fashion victims or fashion leaders. Let’s start with Soy Alex. He combines urban trends perfectly. Everything matches
from his head to his toes. So Alex, my verdict is… Fashion Leader! Next on the list is Jandino. Let’s say he plays it safe,
but that’s… boring. So Jandino? Fashion… Victim. I left the best till last.
Or maybe I should say… the worst. No, no, you can tell she isn’t interested
in making the slightest effort. Carmín, you take the crown
for Fashion Victim! What happened? Back in the day you could dress
more or less OK but… it looks like you left that in the past. Oh, no!
I can’t keep looking at these photos. My cookies, no way, fashion doesn’t lie. OK Cookies,
this way my first Fashion Attack! I hope you loved it lots,
I had too much fun! If you liked it,
and you agree with my verdicts, tell me in the comments
and I’ll be reading you. Give it a like, and share! See you my cookies!


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