MUCHACHOMALO – Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] What you saw here were longer boxershorts.
I like it. It´s very sexy on men. I thought it was super cool, especially the
longer boxershorts and the really long ones. I always wear them myself.>>What are you wearing?
Muchachomalo of course! At the moment I´m wearing The Firefighters. I have nothing yet. But I came here to see
Ferry, because he was going to open the show. He stood there beautifully, with all of the
projections on his body. He had been working out hard for this and
he was looking really well. I enjoyed it so much. There was something
going on. Ferry stood there like the king himself! Oh,
I love Ferry. I love Ferry! He was looking good! I actually saw abs, buns!
Nice! Incredible what he has accomplished in only
a few months. It really took some discipline in order to
get such a body! No eating, 7 days a week at the gym, don´t
do much actually, Lots of healthy foods. Today I´ve hardly
eaten at all. He was great! You know what I like best was
that he was very disarming, while he was walking around, he was winking and smiling all the
time. It was a really nice entourage! We actually picked him, because he a) has
no attitude and he´s just a really nice and spontaneous guy. And he just looks really
great!>>What was your inspiration for the prints
this year? This year it were the different art forms.
That´s what we used and this is what came from it. I think it was really beautiful. I like beautiful
men and women anyway, and beautiful underwear ánd art! Well, then you definitely have my
attention! Yes I think we actually made a statement by
bringing underwear into fashion. We have shown that with just underwear with a thematic print…
Because we mainly exist of prints with themes, we´ve shown that we really belong in the
world of fashion. It´s a really great brand. I like it a lot.
They are innovative. It just really looks great! They have very great looking boxers and great
looking prints and so on. Really nice. That´s actually Muchachomalo´s strength:
especially the prints and the special themes. In contrast to other brands, Muchachomalo
has given the brand its own twist and it´s making a statement with its brand and image. Today I´m wearing Muchachomalo as well.
>>Can I see it? But it´s white, it´s white. I´m wearing Sweden at the moment. This one. I must speak about fashion. They have really
nice underwear. I´ve seen 2…. May be 3 nice combinations
for women of which I thought: yeah, nice! The headpiece with the black combination with
the garter belts. Yeah, I thought that was really sexy.
And there was also a combination on a darker girl, in blue. And those bright colours, well
I really like neon colours.

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