My Appearance/Femininity as a Trans Woman

Hi, YouTube! My name is Stacy, and I woke up to a snowy
winter wonderland this morning, so I’m wearing this because I really want it to be summer,
but… If y’all know me, or if you’ve just watched
my videos, you know that I like to wear some clothing that’s, like, not necessarily very
feminine, like some men’s button-ups or flannels or stuff like that, backwards hats… And, y’know, that’s cool! That’s cool! I can wear whatever I want. But, uh, ever since I shaved my head back
in December, uh, [chuckles] people have been confusing me for a boy, or a non-binary person,
when they figure out that I’m trans? Cause usually when I tell people I’m trans,
I just say “I’m transgender”, I don’t say “I’m a transgender woman” because I usually
think that it’s implied that I’m a transgender woman. But a lot of people seem to think that I’m
an enby, which is, like, weird! Cause I never used to get that, and then,
now I do? So, I dunno. It’s weird because, I dunno, I just–I just
never got it. Um, and I am not really, like, bugged by people who
thought that. Like, it’s just a simple mistake, it’s not
who I am, but it–it got me thinking, you know? I [chuckles] started thinking about why people
weren’t, like, perceiving me as a transgender woman, which I am, and I’m reminded of a Robot
Hugs comic about the double standards between cis and trans women. You’ll tell a cis woman as a compliment “oh,
you look so pretty today!” But when you go to tran–to compliment a transwoman
the same way, you say “oh, you’re passing really well today!” Which is… [sharp inhale] ughhhh! Not really–not really–not– [distressed
noises] [tongue click] uhh, I have–I have feelings about that. The artist also hit on the important point
that a lot of transwomen are criticized by, like, feminists, or just people in general
about portraying stereotypes of women? Because APPARENTLY in this society, transwomen
are expected to perform femininity in a certain way, and that’s–that’s just really crappy! And that’s just–that’s not
the way it should be. And don’t let anyone ever tell you that you
can’t do anything that a cis woman can do just because you’re trans! Because, you know what? [Trans] women can be butch lesbians, [trans]
women can be the girliest girls that they wanna be, transwomen can have, like, traditionally
masculine names like Ryan, transwomen can have muscles, transwomen can have facial hair,
I know tons of cis women who just have a little bit right here, you know? But basically, what I’m trying to get at with
this video is, as a transwoman, you can do anything that a cis woman can. Except walk into the women’s stall in North
Carolina. But yeah, honestl–it’s jus–it’s just piss–it’s
j–ooh. [chuckles] Using strong language there. I dunno, it just–it just makes me angry that
people have this double standard for transwomen, and it sort of comes from the idea that, like,
transwomen are portraying this femininity because they’re trying to trick people into
thinking that they’re a woman? Which, like, [exasperated tone] it’s not really
tricking them, cause, you actually are a woman! You were just, like, tricking them when you were
pretending to be a boy! But yeah, you know? Like, shaving my head has done wonders for
my own perception of my femininity because it made me realize that it’s something that’s
internal and not really EXternal because, you know? When I was in boymode, I grew out my hair,
to like, [my nips], and I kept that for a while, but shaving my head made me realize
that, you know, just because I don’t have, like, a f–feminine hairstyle doesn’t mean
that I’m not a woman! And I feel just as feminine right now as I
did, like six months ago, and it doesn’t matter what hairstyle I have, and I think that was
a really important moment for me, and I think all women in general should just shave their
head once in their life just so they can get to experience that, and just come to terms
with the fact that you’re beautiful regardless of what hair you have! And, you know, my clothing is no different. It helps me express my sexual orientation,
which is really nice, cause, you know, you put on a men’s button-up and then, ladies
just start flocking to you, which is really nice. [laughs] That might just be me, I’m just–I’m
really attractive, so… [sharp inhale] Anyways, I hope you all have a nice day, and… I’ll see ya next time. Bye!


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