hello babes and welcome back to my
channel today guys we are back with a nasty alcohol we’re gonna be doing a
full haul today guys I’m always like and I feel like I’ve just been so much into
home decor and just my place because it’s been really exciting and it’s just
this new chapter and the clothes is kind of bit on the little bit of a back
burner but I’m so ready to get back to it a big thank you to nesting off for
sponsoring this video I’m also gonna show you guys a ton of fall looks today
I always love to show you different ways you can dress up a certain piece and not
just one way so we’re gonna do a little bit of mixing and matching this one I’m
actually wearing this from my last haul from them I love the sweater I believe
they still sell it on their website I will leave a link down below I’m wearing
a new bra and you guys can’t even see it underneath because obviously it’s
matching my skin tone and that’s what I love about Nasty Gal you can find the
most unique pieces guys everything I show you guys in today’s video you
already know I leave it down below in my description box I will leave some
similars just in case they sell out as well as I’ll also give you guys the
sizing that I’m wearing in each individual piece but don’t worry about
it guys it’s always gonna be down below in all of my hauls because I know it’s
gonna help you guys shop a ton if you guys haven’t heard of enough to go they
have become one of my new favorite shops and that I’ve just really fallen in love
with again they just have the most cutest unique pieces it’s still very
affordable you literally have everything from coats sweater to choose accessories
they have every single thing that you’re looking for make sure you guys shop
through new in when you’re on their website as well and just check out all
the new pieces that they’ve released I was gonna new in and then clothing
because that’s my ultimate favorite so I want to start off with the shoes or else
I’m always afraid I’m gonna forget them the reason why I chose this was because
I wanted a suede boot suede just adds just like rich just look to a boot I
don’t know what it is that’s a close up of the boot it is just so gorgeous and
it’s in the most like softest suede sort of fabric plus the heel is not too tall
either so don’t worry about it being uncomfortable these are super super
comfortable I tried them and they are also true to size I just got my normal
size 7 so that it gives me a little bit of room they have the stretchy size and
everything so that it makes it super easy to put them on I love that it has
this very like sleek kind of skinny profile you guys are
looking for a really basic black boot or you just need a new one I definitely
would check out these ones believe it or not I don’t have a shoe like this they
remind me of the superstore kind of style shoe so this one I also got my
true size step in it since you can’t buy up on the inside but when you convert it
it’s a size 7 it has this really thick platform at the bottom just your white
laces on the top I don’t care how high the snow is I literally wear sneakers
sometimes you know sometimes you have to think aesthetic more than dressing for
the weather and they’re really basic if you guys are looking for a white sneaker
and not the typical chunky sneaker that’s been so trendy ok this the most
perfect I’ve been getting a ton of questions where this is from and I keep
answering there’s the whole coming soon because I want you guys to see it really
in detail instead of me just telling you where it’s from so this coat that I wore
in my I do post I wore black and then I just wore this over top and looked so
rich and so so good if you guys are looking for the most perfect teddy
plushy nude coat this is and I’ve been dying for this coat and I couldn’t find
one last year and they were always sold out so definitely if you guys are
looking for this coat grab it now because I don’t know how long it’s gonna
last comes in different colors to believe this was also in black really
really super warm it does fit more oversized so I got a medium in this one
and it gives me a ton of room on my arms like I still have this much room on the
inside even if I wear a thick sweater so but that was the fit that I kind of
wanted if you guys would say are in California and hello Kelly babes if you
guys are there and you’re only wearing a very thin sweater I honestly it’s still
gonna look oversized if you do your regular size so if you’re normally a
medium the medium is still gonna look really like chunky and oversized on you
but I just want to size up because I always like to be on the safe side and
can close around either side it does come with a button for a button closure
oh my god guys this is just the most beautiful perfect perfect jacket of life
for fall and winter and I’ve already worn it like three times and I also got
it in at this camel color look how gorgeous she looks like oh my god she is
just everything and it’s super super hot right now these really chunky teddy
coats so I definitely wanted to get it as many colors as I possibly could color
is very like pumpkin spice caramel very fall very warm wait until you guys see
the outfits with these because sweater I’m not gonna lie I wore this already
like three times it’s not crazy chunky but yet it’s still so so so warm you
guys and you’ll also get that really high color that keeps your neck warm too
so sometimes I use this as a layering sweater underneath my chunky sweaters it
also has a ribbed detail in it as well does not go too super long too so this
is really really great for layering or dressing up an outfit tucking this into
a leather skirt or leather pants but I really lack sweaters of this like type
of thickness I’m really glad that I have this one this sweater actually comes in
one size only it has a ton of stretch to it so don’t worry about it I love it so
so so much and I had to get it and also a cream color because it’s a really good
basic to have and you just really cannot go wrong with this cream is just so
fresh for fall in winter not too thick but let me tell you something this
sweater is very warm don’t let it fool you just because it’s not really chunky
really great to start with anything leather pants jeans leggings just this
is the look that I did with the coat so I did all black underneath this is the
black boot that I’m wearing so if you guys are picky about how easily boots go
on this boot goes on so easily they’re so comfortable you guys and I just love
the way they look they look so super sleek this coat is literally just
everything it is just so comfortable and so warm this is how the medium fits on
me I’m able to like completely wrap it over so it does fit oversized and I do
have a lot of room within my sleep over there as well so definitely has that
oversized feel I could have done my normal small size and still fit chunky
sweaters underneath but I just decided to go one size up instead so that it can
be a little bit more comfortable just in case I have a really super thick sweater
and I really like this oversized look anyways so if I did button it up it
would go right over here just like that I love the way it looks so for typically
like a size 4 on the top and like a 6 8 on the bottom I definitely feel like you
guys would love the medium if you want that kind of
oversized look to and this color like this color do you guys want to see how
it’s the most beautiful beautiful like perfect new tone I love it so much and I
just love this outfit with like the black underneath and then just the nude
on top anybody can do this look it’s so quick and easy you just need a basic
black sweater I’m just wearing some leggings they’re boot which is just so
simple and comfortable especially with the small heel and just a really kind of
teddy oversized coat know how hard it is to find this coat and like this perfect
like nude color it is so hard because I was looking for the longest time and I
couldn’t find it I definitely would check out this link you guys if you’re
looking for the most perfect teddy coat especially in an affordable price and
this is the black sweater so it gives me a ton of room over here as well so the
white one is gonna fit me the exact same really nice on my arms not tight either
and it does still have stretch and this is how high it goes on the neck so when
I wore it I just like to put it all the way up so that it’s a really nice high
classic turtleneck just like that it’s really super comfortable though
especially because it’s nice and stretchy but also really warm and this
is just a really basic black look that you can wear with any Co so if you guys
just pair it with a leather jacket look how cute this outfit is
you guys can create a really nice overall black kind of biker look but not
too crazy biker especially if you’re like me and don’t like to be too on the
edgy side I still like to be really feminine and it still looks really super
cute with our black heel or you guys can use our sneakers as well and kind of
dress it down a little bit this is a really super cute dinner look and again
this turtleneck just makes it look so super classy and we’ll leave a link to a
few of their leather jackets that they have in their website if you guys don’t
have the perfect basic one I definitely will leave them down below so that you
guys can shop some of them so I styled the cream sweater it’s some black jeans
and the boot which is again it’s so super comfortable I love this boot
because it’s so versatile it really kind of just depends whatever you want to do
with it but they’re so comfortable and I like that the heels not too much so this
look is not crazy bike or anything still very feminine which is very much my
style but I love love love the sweater and I love that I did a black kind of
edgy look with the leather jacket and this is how it looks with the more
lighter sweater color this sweater is so we’re comfortable guys this has become
like a staple piece and like I said I’ve worn the block one already like three
times so now that I’ve seen this outfit I definitely have to wear it out because
I’m just in love with it this is another look that you guys can use fits the same
way as the black one I’ve kind of just rolled it in and that’s something else
that you guys can do roll it in to make a look a little bit more cropped if you
wanted to or just let it down and this is kind of how long it goes it goes
right over here just below my hips and I love how the sleeves fit and everything
like that I like how they go nice and long it’s just very fresh and just
overall really comfortable but if you guys want to create a little bit of an
edgy look I definitely would pair it with your leather jacket this sweater
over here I have not worn it yet and I’m really excited to try it on with you
guys this one is a oatmeal knit sweater and I
love how it’s just a little bit different than it is very clean the arms
have this little like kind of outline detail and it’s just really really
gorgeous really nice and basic sweater – I love how the bottom gives you this
sort of like rounded feel you don’t see a lot of sweaters in this sort of color
and it’s my favorite color and it’s really hard to find look at how this
coat looks with this overall look kind of warm look with a little bit of like a
lighter boots but I just love this color coat I before honestly thought that like
camel wasn’t for me but I love how warm it is and I mean you cannot get any more
fall-like if you get into these colors like it’s just so super cute and fall in
winter but I am so super warming this right now that I am so wedding in here
like it’s such a warm jacket guys and again same size is the last one so I
have a ton of room inside of my sleeve you guys can see right there if I lift
my arm there’s a ton of room to put like even more of a chunky sweater I’ll show
you a close-up of the color if you guys want to see if you’re obsessed with
these teddy coats as much as I am you guys I think you want to get them in
every single color like I do now I have black cream I have a nude and a camel
now so I don’t know what other color I’m missing but yeah that’s how it looks
from the back just so you guys can see it that like detail that outline detail
I just love it I just love that really chunky stitch detail that it adds to it
it’s just the most gorgeous coat make sure you guys pick this up before they
are gone more different than what I typically
would do and like all these colors mixed together but I love it I just love how
like warm and cozy it looks so how adorable does this sweater fit look at
this collar over here it is so different and I’m like just in love with this
color this is my ultimate ultimate favorite color that creamy with a touch
of like that topi Sandy undertone love the way it
fits this is how much room it gives me gives me room on my arms as well but
again I just love this flowy look it’s super comfortable has this like
waistband at the bottom that kind of allows it to bubble a little over top
like overflow like that but I love it there’s so many ways you can kind of
style it you can tuck it into your pants on one side and let it kind of roll over
or you guys can just pull it down if you want to but it looks really nice with
like fresh blue jeans but I love the way this sweater fits the outlines is really
different than any typical knit sweater so it’s really super basic but again
really unique and it’s really super comfortable this one is very different
than any other sweater that I have and I definitely love it and I got on the gray
train because I typically do not wear a lot of gray I’ll be honest and you guys
will see that but I’m like you know what it’s time to just expand I feel like
this year is all about me just expanding and trying new things I never was even
into wearing leather jacket to know I’m like obsessed this one I got any size
small and I just love it because it’s really really really basic and I just
like really basic sweaters that don’t really have a lot of things going on and
what’s good about classic sweaters is that you can dress them up or dress them
down has like a little bit of a medium kind of ribbed detail to it and it’s
really tightly knit so I know this is gonna be really super warm you cannot
see through it at all this one is a little bit different since I was gonna
try the gray I’m like why not try a couple of them right this one has a
little bit more of like a fuzzy knit sort of kind of look I don’t know if you
guys can see it but it’s really really super soft and really fuzzy but I love
this one because I has a little bit more of a balloon sort of vibe and kind of
shape to it this one I also bought in a size small the only time I like when
they grab me is if it’s a sweater like this
this was a little bit more on the ashy side first before I show you the sweater
on its own I just want to show you guys the outfit that I plan with it so this
is the more cooler gray sweater so I paired it with a Teddy black coat which
I will leave any similar down below in the description box Nasty Gal has like a
few of them to be honest and I loved them too I’m wearing them with the
sneaker which is so super cute guys these are so comfortable and I love the
gray black and white I feel like the white is super fresh and it goes against
the black and then the gray is kind of the medium tone so this is a little bit
more of like a casual look that you guys can do especially if this is your color
palette if you like to be more on the cool side this is definitely for you
told you guys I don’t typically wear grey but I could definitely wear this
outfit out now so this is the sweater and how it fits it literally looks like
a knit crewneck how much room it gives me it’s definitely more on the like kind
of oversized loose baggy side which I love so much especially if you want a
really comfy sort of cozy outfit it’s really super warm I’ll show you guys a
close-up event look how gorgeous it is and I honestly wanted to see how the
cool tone would look on me but I love it with the white and black so this is the
more ashy gray sweater so the other one gives you a little bit more of like a
balloon rounded oversized flowy feel whereas this one almost feels like a
more slim kind of fitted knitted longer sweater hits me right over here has
these two little mini slits over here I kept the same base with the shoe and the
legging so you guys can see how it looks also love this fit I feel like this one
is a little bit more on the feminine side as well and I love this neck how it
comes higher but I honestly love both of them the same because I can do two
different looks but I love this one so much too this is the sweater I feel like
that’s a little a little different than what I would normally choose whereas the
other one with like the balloon shape is what I typically would choose but I love
like I was saying a little bit more form-fitting one’s a little tighter to
your body but it has a ton of stretch super super comfortable you guys look
how cute it looks with the leather jacket this one kind of reminds me of
the thickness of like the black and the creamy sweater which allows you to put
it underneath the jackets like this where there’s a little less room so you
can add a little bit of edge but still be super casual
to show you guys I don’t know if they still have it on their website but it’s
something that I wear so often and I get a lot of questions on it where it’s from
and it is from Nasty Gal this is a really chunky just like super
warm fuzzy and I kind of sometimes roll up the sleeves if I want to add a little
something beachy cream sort of tone but if it’s sold out I will link a similar
for you guys this one is also one side because it is
an oversized if it allows it to be super flowy and I love wearing just like
leggings or jeans with it okay this look you guys is really super simple that’s
why I wanted to show it to you so this is the sweater and how it fits it’s so
so so so warm and comfy I can’t even tell you guys and again the one size
just gives you a ton of room I’m just wearing it with the black boot which
again is so super comfortable guys and I feel like I can wear this boot with so
many looks in this video today this is still in stock on their website again
I’ll leave a link down below or if not I’ll leave a link to a few similars I
love this of it I died oh my god I just love it so much love it with the black
and I love the subtle contrast with the cream as well but this is another way
you guys can wear this especially in winter when it’s like really super cold
or if it’s just a really cold night and layering it with this coat over top is
just extra warm but it is just everything okay that’s basically it that
was my last look I’m so in love with them don’t forget that you guys can shop
all of them down below in my description box but leave some love down below and
let me know if you guys love to call these follow us and if you guys want
more Falls coming your way I definitely definitely definitely want to do more of
these for you guys because I feel like it really kind of helps with outfit
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