[MUSIC PLAYING] Yo, this week on his show
about NBA playing style, Toronto Raptor Serge Ibaka
and his teammate, OG Anunoby got into a heated
fashion debate. So do you think because
you come from London– Why do NBA players
just like Dorothy Zbornak from “Golden Girls?” [LAUGHTER] Look at that coat. Yo! He’s like, Blanche,
let me tell you. I’ll put you on Valentino. All right. Put you on denim jackets. OG– stop, OG. You’d better stop, OG. Watching this video,
I feel like Charles look like, these niggas soft! [LAUGHTER] They’re being soft nowadays. You think Michael
Jordan and Charles Oakley ever got into an
argument about clothing? – Like, yo–
– You see how Jordan dresses? Clearly not. Naw. If you think– What about scarves? You put me in
fashion, then I’m done. What about scarves? I guess I’m done. But what about scarves? I guess I’m done. But what about scarves? What do you mean
about scarves? You saw me with my scarf. You were like,
that scarf’s fire. I’m going to get one, too. And then you got one. And next time, when
I was wearing mine– This is the worst
episode of “Love & Hip Hop” I’ve ever seen.
– Yo, I was about to say– I was like, yo, NBA
“Love & Hip Hop?” I’m– OK. OK. I’ve been in the scarf
game 10 years now. [LAUGHTER] Not the drug game. The scarf game. Yo, I’ve been in the
scarf game 10 years! I’ve been in the– I’m been in the
scarf game a minute. It made me an animal. Yo. There’s rules to this shit. I wrote you a manual. Yo, it’s the 10
scarf commandments. What? Only use cable knit. Don’t use that other sheer. Infinity? That’s the holy trinity. Like, oh, shit. Yo. That’s called
mother fucking bars! What you know about that? That’s a flex, knitting
you a scarf, and shit. Like, yo. Oh, shit! [BLOWING AIR] Yo, give me another yarn ball! But you saw me in my scarf. OG– I don’t dress, OG. I do art, bro. Oh, no! You’re too rich! You’re too rich, sir! No, no, that’s literally
what you say when you have a trash ass outfit on. Yo! It was like,
this is not dress. I do art.
– I do art. It’s fashion.
You don’t understand. Yo.
No. You’ve got me
sweating one now. Yo, he’s really upset
about this scarf shit. They’re tight. You never had your boy
press you about who did it first with scarves? I can’t say I have. Yo, you scarf
checking me, big homie? – Yeah, nigga.
– Wow. Wow. Yeah, I had the argyle first. Wow. First the mittens, now this. Wow. I sold you your first scarf
on tour with Large Professor. Then I heard your album about
the scarf on the dresser. Hey, yesterday the scarf
feud escalated even further. Oh, no! He’s got shots! Out of control! Oh! Oh! Your man stole
my bathroom carpet. Wow! You know that shit itching
the fuck out his neck. Come on. Stop it. Yo, Lenny Kravitz going to have
something to say about this. Got to. Yo, he got that shit wrapped
around his whole fucking torso. Yeah, cause he called
Burberry and he was like, yo, you got a blanket? Sometimes. No. Wearing a scarf is a good way
to get robbed in the Bronx. You know what I’m saying? This nigga
protecting his neck! Yo. No, I wear scarves, like,
when I go play in the show and shit like that,
with the kids. Like, just to cover up. This nigga spend
time with his kids! That’s more egregious
than the scarf!


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