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But this is our twin look. / Do we look same?
She’s kind of black and I’m like a white angel. The devil and the angel. Good morning~~ Ooh-la-la~~~ Hello~~~ Damn it. It’s raining.
Whoa I like the little fog over there, that’s very cool. I wish I can take photo there. What’s up Qtees ๐Ÿ˜‰
I can’t believe we’re back at the Public Hotel. You Qties remember that we came here for H&M and Moschino fashion show last year..Was it last year? No, 2 years ago, that was 2 years ago. (Really?) We’re back, we’re back~
OMG, it’s so dirty here, oh sh**. So, welcome to our 1st New York Fashion Week VLOG. So the 1st show that we’re gonna go is called Concept Korea, inside there, there’s 3 Korean designer brands and one is LIE, and there’s 2 more, but I forgot the names… Well, the thing is that I don’t know how to pronounce it, sister. It’s really hard. I don’t want to mess it up. (Okay). So our 1st choice is Concept Korea, so we’re super excited. We’ll show you Qtees our outfits. Hello, gorgeous~ Look at her OOTD. Ohh~ the color is kind of washed out. It’s like really pretty purple and blue color. It’s like very bright, almost a neonish.
This outerwear is from Lang N Lu.
Our one and only Lang N Lu, hahahah. This is actually like perfect for today’s weather.
Kind of cold, chilly, so it will keep us warm. I love it~ (Turn around sister~) It has a hoodie too, so if it rains, I’ll be so like cool lol and go like~ The inside, the top and bottom is both from LIE.
I love it, the fit is amazing. The pants, I love that center part.
It kind of gives you illusion that I’m really really skinny. This is from Zara. (I love the shoes) And my bag is also from Zara, isn’t this so pretty? So extra. Has totally like the 70s vibe. This one is definitely all see-through, so we wore camisole inside. And this is perfect. (It has a little bell sleeve.)
Yeah, like that. Even the bottom here. (Oh~~~) But I just shoved it in.
(Yeah, shove it in) Well, hello~~~ Love the color combination~ It’s exactly the same material as mine,but this one is the shorter version. And it doesn’t has a hoodie,
but has a really high collar instead. Super cozy, perfect for today’s weather. This one’s from LIE. (Yes, both the top & bottom is from LIE). I love this pants~ so comfortable!
It’s kind of like boyfriend jeans. It’s super high waisted and you actually tie this waistband here. / And boots is from Zara. I love this sole~ / And her bag is also from Zara, isn’t it so cute? Such a pretty purple. So cute~ I love my look today~ Ok, let’s go~ (Okay.) Look at this elevator, it’s so fancy~ The color is picking up really nice here. (Yeah?) Yeah, so this is the color. He’s one of our favorite photographers, Hugo.
My name is Hugo. So we’re heading to LIE’s backstage. I’m so curious.
Oh wow, so these are all the clothes that models are actually gonna wear? This is so pretty~
This is super-cropped. There’s all the layouts. This is look 2. Look at that skirt~ (Yeah). Do you see that? / That is really nice. / They literally put another fabric. / This is sweater material.. / But then they attached like this. / A tie. This is how the girl’s wearing. We’re seated~ There are lot of fashionable people here, right? / Venue is getting full~ / So hot.. (Yeah). Inspired by Rude boys from the 1960s London movement Just to quickly jump in, we also watched a show called ‘LEYII’, at the Concept Korea. The collection was very minimalistic.
Very comfortable, elegant lounge wear. Everything was very figure-friendly.
And the color hue was very relaxed. Like cream, white, soft grey, nude~ / I think a lot a women who really enjoy the LEYII like this kind of styles, that are very simple and elegant, would dig this styles. I think these outfits are perfect for layering, right? One of our fav shows!! Hi, sis~ You look so smart!
Teacher’s pink~ So Qtees, we just changed for our next show, which is PH5. It’s actually not a show, it’s a presentation. Yes. But today, we kind of wanna go like that school, A+ student look lol. Yeah, so we’re like totally match and these are all from PH5. They were so kind enough to drop these outfits at the hotel. So this is a blazer and there’s like this top (Uh-huh), this is actually very, almost feels like scuba divishness. This whole set is really heavy. It’s really warm, thankfully And then the skirt, look at this details, so pretty. This is from Samo Ondoh, it’s like little dumpling bag. This is from Quay Australia.
My sister’s like an angel. Exactly same as mine, but it’s in a different color and also… / Do you know that this was actually magnet? / Yeah, magnetic. But I just put in a just put it in a pin set.
Just to secure it, right? (Yeah.) Mine is actually a pants.
You look so cute, it’s like a really school boyish. It has this thing here, interesting. All the way to the back
Very interesting details. / Gucci boots. And then her bag is also from Samo Ondoh, but it’s in white. I think you should hold it like that. (Let’s go), Ok.. Thankfully, it’s not raining, but it’s so windy. It’s impossible to live have a good picture without ruining our bangs. Sister trying to get Uber. Stop coughing. We get so paranoid when we cough.
I feel like everyone’s judging us, every time I cough. So we’re in. At the PH5 presentation. Loved all the intricate details to each pieces. PH5 Founder, Wei Lin Lauren – Hello~ We meet again.
Reunited~ Ever since Innisfree event at Singapore. When was the last time we meet?
Singapore, that was the last time! Maybe 2 years ago.. (That’s 2 years already?) It’s 2 years ago, I think.. (Really?) I’m back~ (She’s back!) With our damaged hair lol.
Yeah, together~ We almost froze to death! My hands are so red~~ Literally, I almost peed.
I peed a little. It was so hard to find a cafe. Like in Korea, if you go to each block, there’s at least like… There’s 2 cafes in 1 block. We got some pastries~ We got flourless brownie cupcakes Guess what I found~~! Unicorn dandruff!
Sprinkle sprinkle unicorn dandruff~~ So right now, we’re waiting for our Uber to take us to the Farfetch Club House. Cuz we’re gonna get some like jackets and bags for tomorrow’s show. / There’s no way we’re gonna go out without a jacket (Yeah.) I’m still shivering… (I got a hot pack.) It’s not working..
Yeah, it’s not working. Plz open the door…lol OMG. I’m shaking the camera because I’m so cold. This is how cold I am. Farfetch club house scale is way bigger in NYC compared to Seoul. I’m kind of jealous right now. There’s like 4 stores high? 5 stores high? (Yeah) There’s like Jacquemus, the’re Burberyy, Off-White and MORE. This looks really pretty. I like this uneven shoulder design. It’s from Rejina Pyo. Also from Rejina Pyo, London-based designer. So these are Miu Miu.
They say this is a Valentine’s collection. Yeah, Miu Miu’s Valentine’s collection,
so everything’s about love~~ And they are all like these old movie characters. The Corpse Bride I’m gonna get this one. Burberry~
I love it~ (Yeah) It’s gonna be perfect with our tweed jacket tomorrow.
Yeah, totally. JW Anderson~ Kind of similar to the one that we did it last. Yeah, the key, hook thing So many selections~ This is a cute 2 piece. (Yeah) If only it’s not cold. Another one?
Burberry~ I’ll get this one too. (Okay.) This one’s actually a spring collection, but I think it’ll be really nice if you wear some kind of like jacket on top, sis We brought tweed jacket, and we gotta wear this kind of flowy dresses underneath. It’ll be so pretty~ Yeah, ooh~~ It’s very shear though. That is so pretty~
So so my style~ When the wind blows~ That’s a pretty dress too.
With the combat boots? Guys, I fell in love with this two-piece, the moment I saw it. It comes with this leggings. Matching leggings.
That’s really cute. This one is a floral padding with this floral top and a floral leggings. I think I’m gonna do the Burberry dress with this. (Yeah, okay) Pretty, right? (Yeah). I love this Burberry shirt, it’s a shirt dress (It’s really nice.) With the matching Burberry bag~ Like a pleather jacket.
It’s really nice, and then her boots~
So pretty~ This is my outfit~ This one’s Qwon’s outfit. This is Jimmy Choo bag.
Is it leopard? (Yeah). So cute! It’s an Off White blazer, the fit gives you an hourglass. (Yeah?) Yeah it’s like, slightly they tucked in here. (Pretty~) This dress is so pretty.. (Yeah man, take it..)
It’s actually like Oohh~~ Sexy~ And the slip And her boots~ Hello Qtees ๐Ÿ™‚ So all the clothing that we wore at Farfetch Club House is gonna be on the description box below, so make sure to check it out And also Farfetch was so kind enough to give our Qtees, a promo code!! It’s very rare that Farfetch gives us a promo code, so if there is some kind of designer items that you really really really want to get, make sure to use this promo code. It’s ‘NYFWQ2HAN’ and all the details about the promo code is also at the description box below. So make sure to check it out Qtees. Take advantage of it! And thank you so much Farfetch, we love you!! Yes~~ The 2nd day is SOOO good. OMG, look at the sunlight. Sister, can you give me the thumbnail? Thumbnail here!
Can you omit here? It’s so messy. (Okay, omit!) With your freaking dirty ass pajamy~~ Okay bit**, we don’t have time~ Welcome to our 2nd day of New York Fashion Week. We’re little chill today, today we have Claudia Li and Private Policy. Yeah, we have only 2 shows.
These are shows that we have never watched before,
so I’m really really excited I’m really always excited when I get to watch a runway that I’ve never ever seen before.
Cause you don’t know what to expect. Hi, gorgeous~
Call me princess bit**. Oh, you look like little angel from forest~ Can you put little circle around? She’s wearing the Zara headband, which we actually wore during the Seoul Fashion Week. (Yeah.) And her blazer tweed jacket, is it tweed? (Yeah.)
Yeah it’s from Zara. Isn’t this fits so nice? (Yeah.) Usually, I like to go like over-sized blazer, but this one is kind of fitted, which I like it. I love this button, it’s really pretty. / And this dress is also from Zara. It’s actually their spring/summer collection. Zara boots~ And her bag is Burberry and it’s from Farfetch. Yes~ Cute~ Spin~ Tip-toe! So this is our twin look. / Do we look same? She’s like kind of black and I’m like the white angel. The devil and the angel. She’s also wearing that Zara headband.
This blazer is also from Zara. (Yeah.) It’s actually a different style from her’s. Mine is kind of…
Little more boxy, it’s not quite fitted. But it’s okay. And inside, she just wore like a white turtleneck. And this dress is from Claudia Li, which is the show that we’re about to go and see today. It’s really pretty! / The print is really like, kind of like Jackson Pollock. / It’s like this~ Oohh~~ it’s quite fitted.
Yeah, it’s quite tight here. It gives you that little S line~ I like it! Okay.. It’s quite bouncy over here. (I like it.) They put extra like I don’t know something underneath to make it look bouncy. (Oh, they did?!) And then the shoe, this is our Gucci boots, but this morning, we changed into white laces. Our bag is from Farfetch. Burberry~ (Burberry~) You don’t even know how to call the Uber So Qwon is calling the Uber to take us to where? Spring Street? / Spring Studio, bit**. Know where you’re going. You look really pretty, sis.
I know, our outfit on the afternoon is gonna be best one. (Oh yeah.) This is such a pretty venue. I’ve always wanted to see a show in this kind of like open window? (Yeah.) I’m so excited! / Yeah, OMG. We just met Natalie and Dylana sisters!!
Hi girls~ They’re like sisters and we have been following them ever since we’re in LA. And they’re sitting right in front of us, so.. The girls are very anti-social, we’re very anti-social. This is like the only time we’ll ever do it. So we’re like.. we just gotta go and say ‘Hi’. And we did it. And they are so nice, OMG.
Sisterrr!! Yay~~ Hi~~
She’s our NYFW photographer, Christina ๐Ÿ™‚ Our last show~ So this is Qwon’s 2nd outfit for Private Policy. So pretty~ It’s a H&M Studio Collection. It’s a half/ half heart earrings. / It’s a heart earrings~ And this is also from H&M. Her gorgeous dress is from Lang N Lu. So pretty~ It has a little sequence collar and a puff shoulder. (Yeah)
You can like wear it as a trench coat. but for me, I’m wearing as dress. And the, obviously, Marc Jacobs’ new baby~
It’s from Farfetch. It has this like a splash of paint kind of like bag.
Like a rainbow cotton candy~ (Okay, spin~) Tip-toe! Ojin’s outfit~ Very very red today! This dress is from Lang N Lu. It’s a python pattern. But, I don’t think it stretches that much, right?
This is all I can do lol. But it’s one size! This is one size! (Oh, okay..)
This is all I can do! (Okay. So cute ribbon~ (Yeah, I love this, this is the key point.) And the puff shoulders, it’s really cute. It has a belt! (Oh!) And then the mittens are from H&M. (It’s a glove, bit**) Also, same bag from Marc Jacobs. (From Farfetch!) Yes. I put the designer name right over here~
It’s also from Farfetch. Sis! Are you ready? (Yes!) Last one~ Your outfit is really nice! Oohh~ This is fancy~ You’re glowing bit**~ You glowing~ Wow wow! If only we had a better look T.T So after everything on our 2nd to last days. We went to the LIE show room, which is at the NY Meatpacking District. It’s literally called, Meat-Packing District. I think the LIE show room is actually called, LIE SANGBONG. It’s here~
Open it, open it! So all of these area is like the ready-to-wear sections~ Fancy~ This is cute, that little detail here?
The faux fur vest~ OMG, you need to drop this style
and change into that one. This is how you secure it. It has pockets too! What? How it starts from here and goes all the way down.
It’s really pretty. There’s a phone case with a Korean flag.
This is so cute. I was seeing this one and I was like, ‘This is so pretty~’ (This is cute!) Right~ That is so pretty. / I think you should try it.
Yeah, I think I should try that one. I love this contrast of color. / It’s a corduroy, one that we wore during the fashion show. These are cute~
That is so cute!! That is really lovely~
It’s like a denim material. It’s very simple shirt dress~
Yeah, that’s perfect for spring too. (Tada~) Wow only if I have that beret hat or something. And a little baguette. I just love how these little floral patterns are peeking through. This is really pretty~
This is so pretty~ So pretty~ Sis is totally feeling the style. This is actually Xsmall, it’s a little bit tight. But I didn’t have the sizes, so I just wore it.
But.. It’s really cute. I just love all these style lines. Like the reason why it does fit, is because it has this elastics on the back. Look at the style lines~ Goes with my combat boots~ (Yeah~) Totally! Twirl for me~ It’s a little heart ruffles! Hello princess~ It’s really pretty~
You know how everything, it fits really nice? Yeah, the fit is really nice.
Look at this ruffles~ So pretty~ So dreamy~
Look at the back! The sleeve is shear. That flow at the bottom~ Pretty!
Thank you~ So, we’re back Qtees ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tada~ Well, mine is the blue dress that I wore. But, Qwon got a something else. Yeah, cause I’m a greedy bit**~ But, the thing is that they only had a size Xsmall. I could have gotten small, but then… (It’s ok, it fits.) Yeah, I’ll just lose weight. Oh, it’s this one!
HEY!! Isn’t this so pretty? It’s like a knit on the top and the bottom, there’s like a velvet pleats skirt, bottom part. So pretty~
Yeah, don’t you love this color? There’s invisible zipper inside, I mean on the back~ I got this one~ I really love it. / Definitely gonna wear a lot during the spring and summer, really really pretty. The side part is so gorgeous~ So thank you so much LIE~~
So generous of you! Smells like New York. So that’s the end of our NY Fashion Week Vlog, Qtees.
This is part two, there’s no part three. Yes..
Damn it. And so many of you Qtees really loved our lookbook on New York Fashion Week VLOG 1~~ (Yeah) Wow~~ The amount of response was crazy, Qtees.
Thank you so much! We really hope we can go to the next season’s New York Fashion Week and we can’t wait for Seoul Fashion Week. Seoul Fashion Week is actually within like… (Several weeks.) Yeah, 2 weeks? (Somewhere like early to mid March?) Yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see you guys tomorrow~ Bye bye~~


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