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Food Busker, and I’m back baby! With a New York style hot dog. Oh and this is how you do it. Everybody knows that a great hot dog you’ve gotta have a great bun, and a great dog, and we’ve got a killer Frankfurter down there. But really, the hot dog’s all about the toppings! And the first thing I’ve got for you is a killer, killer mustard! Chillis and smoked paprika. To start with I’m going to do a really beautiful caramelized shallots, with bacon to go on top. Lets get it on. Right, pans getting hot. Lets get the oil in the pan. Okay. So you want about two tablespoons of oil. And you know the pan’s ready because the oil goes in and it starts dancing. So then, shallots. In they go. Get those bad boys all in. Okay, they’re sizzling. Lets give them a toss. And what you want to do, you want to cook them on a medium to high heat the natural sugars in there are gonna get that beautiful brown caramelized vibe going on. Okay, so when you’ve got them at that sort of stage. Turn the heat down to low, grab some dark brown sugar, just a little bit – not much. on the top. So what we’re going to do now is cook that nice and slow, and really allow it to caramelize. Flipping delish! They’ve been cooking there for about 5-6 minutes on a low heat. We’re gonna take them off and dry them on some kitchen roll. So you want to get all the excess oil out. So spread the out and drain them properly. Set those aside to dry out and get nice and crispy. Right. Griddle pan. On. Get it up to a medium heat, and then we’ll get the dogs in. Gonna grab some oil, just lightly drizzle this bowl and I’m going to get my dogs, and just work them a little bit around. You’re just coating them ever so slightly so they don’t stick. Okay, so lets get these guys into the griddle pan. Okay, so you can use whatever sausages you want. I’m using the classic Frankfurters Now these are smoked sausages, so I just want to put them into a low heated pan, to bring them back to life. You can use whatever you want. Make sure you cook them all the way through. Delish! Now the fiery mustard. You want 200 grams of Frenchie’s mustard. Then we want one teaspoon of smoked paprika. One teaspoon of chilli flakes. And then one teaspoon of olive oil. And what I would say, is make a big batch. All these products will stay for months. So just put it into your fridge. Bosh. Fiery mustard. Done. Okay. Hot dogs, half way done. We’re just going to get them and flip them over. They’re ready to rock. So I’m going to set those aside and we’ll start building the dog. Grab your bun. Down the middle. So, lets grab a dog and put him in there. Remember those shallots. They’ve dried up beautifully. What I’m going to do is grab the bacon I cooked earlier and I’m just going to break into the shallots. And then, lets dress it. So, you’ve gotta get your wriggle right. Okay, come in my brother. So ketchup. Hot kick-ass mustard. Woah-ha-ha look at that! Okay people. I reckon that’s worth at least seven of your British pounds my brothers and sisters. But what would you pay for it? Let me know in the comment box below. And make sure you check out my channel. Food Busker. Subscribe people. Boom!


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