Nocatee Lifestyle and Amenity Expansion Update

Hi, I’m Rick Ray, President CEO of The Parc
Group and Chairman of the Nocatee Community Development District. I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of the scenes
that our Nocatee residents wake up to every morning. We take great pride in blending that beauty
and attention to detail into our unique neighborhoods, shopping centers, parks and recreation areas. It’s hard to believe that we’re already
in our second decade as one of America’s most popular master-planned communities. You know, you know one of the best parts of
living in Nocatee is the lifestyle that we get to enjoy, and that lifestyle is about
to get even better. But before we look forward, let’s take a few
minutes and go back and look at life in Nocatee over the past 10 years. So that’s a taste of what has been here at
Nocatee. but now let me take you forward because some
of the best is yet to come, and it’s all going to happen right here next to the Nocatee Swim
Club. Soon you will see this entire area begin to
transform. As it is cleared, what begins to rise will
be a huge new space for entertainment. By the summer of 2017, this will become the
new home for all of our major events: the Farmers Market, festivals like Roscolusa,
drive-in movies, and concerts which will be staged in a brand new outdoor venue. So here is where it really gets exciting! Everybody loves our Splash Park, but wait
till you see the next generation of a waterpark that we plan to open in the summer of 2018. It’s called the Nocatee Spray Park and it’s
going to be big and it’s going to be spectacular! So what’s a spray park? Well I guess you would call it an interactive
sprayground. It’s gonna be an exhilarating, above-ground,
water playground, four stories high! And here the fun doesn’t come from playing
in the water, but rather playing with the water! This is all part of our ongoing commitment
to continually raise the bar for fun and lifestyle here at Nocatee. it’s been a memorable first decade in our
community, as our residents have truly discovered how to live the lifestyle. So let’s get ready for an exciting new adventure,
as we move forward to bring the very best to Nocatee!


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