NYC Fashion WEEK 2018 Vlog | Jordan Regini

Hi guys, my name is Jordan. I’m a senior
studying fashion, dress and merchandise. I’m here at New York Fashion Week, and I’m excited to share this experience with you. This spring semester we had a competition for the end-of-the-year fashion show. We were challenged with the idea of
transforming a garment while we were wearing it. We had actual designers come
in and judge our final pieces which is how I got to experience New York
Fashion Week. My design was called Captivating Cacti, I took the ideas
that all cacti are different in their own individual ways but eventually at
some point of their life they will bloom into a flower. WVU was only one of a few
universities who got this opportunity. Hello, today I’m super excited we’re
going to the PINK headquarters and then we’re also going to Macy’s. Hello, so today was a lot about
networking. Like I said we went to the PINK corporate office we got to meet
with someone from their digital marketing team and then also someone
from their design team so we could see different aspects of their company. We kind of learned that networking is super important in this industry, so get to
know as much and as many people as possible. So today is day two where we’re
actually going to go to the runway shows. We’re seeing self portrait at Spring
Studio super excited this is my first runway show, should be really fun. So now we are gonna be in conversation
with Tyler Mitchell, he is a youngest photographer to shoot
for Vogue. He was also the one who shot the September Vogue issue with Beyonce
in it, which is super exciting. *Speaker* The most talked about boy in fashion right now, Tyler Mitchell. How’s everyone doing tonight? *Tyler Mitchell* Leaning into shooting Beyonce you’re thinking about all of those things your mind is cycling
through she’s done this, she’s done that, she’s given us everything. So also in conversation today with Tyler Mitchell was Elaine Welteroth, the
former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. I got to document some of their conversation, they talked a little bit about Beyonce and how it was working with her. Later tonight we’ll be seeing our final show of New York Fashion Week, which is the Supernova Runway Show We’re so excited for the show to start, yay! I spent many hours in the studio working
on my designs, I made connections and received advice from well-established
women in the fashion industry which will launch my job search after graduation
this fall. Thank you West Virginia University for sending me to New York Fashion Week, I had an amazing time


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