OMK – Is That Chicken on the Runway?! Kalen Reacts to Peculiar Fashion Show

Category is fashion. Oh Lord, I should have
prayed before this. Oh, OK! So we really kicking
it off with a bang. Brace yourself, Kalen. Is this a joke? Child, they coming out here
looking like paper-maché gone wrong. Absolutely not! Good God! Y’all ain’t hot? Honey, this looks like
somebody went dumpster diving at Goodwill and couldn’t
decide what to keep. So they kept it all. OK now, back up. Baby, that girl
is literally just rolled out of here in a carpet. Baby, if this is
fashion I don’t want it. Girl, I know it is
hot up in there. Somebody get her a fan. All that breath just
caught up in there. Child, the lies you tell. At least her nose
ain’t down there too. Breath out your nose, girl,
before you have a heat stroke. Oh come on, pants! That jacket ain’t it though. Girl, why you got a
spoon on your face? I like those pants though. Work those pants, girl. Yes indeed. Girl with the spoon, I
found the plates girl. Oh, Jesus. Girl, you look like you
had a fight in the kitchen. And the kitchen won. Girl, it looks like you
done spilled spaghetti all over yourself. Absolutely not. Next! Oh, this is a look! Honey, I could light up
the night with this number. Imagine me walking
down town square. Oh, you know this would be
good for any late night walks. You know you got to stay
reflective out there. Be safe, y’all. Watch out for cars. Oh, she got them clown wigs
at the base of the skirt. Girl, you clowning! Oh baby, that nearly spook me. Honey, I don’t like clowns. Child, she snatched
Pennywise’s wig. Yes indeed she did. Girl, is that a mattress? How you gonna sit down? Where you gonna sit down? Well honey, maybe
that makes sense if you get tired after work. You know, fashionable
and functionable, hey! What is up with
these space shoes? That’s worse than the
fingers from Spy Kids. OK now, that may
be a cute wedding dress minus the inflatable
in the condom crown. No, that still ain’t cute. Girl, that’s a whole ass pool. Girl, they got you out here
looking like Boo Boo the Pool. Shoot! Oh my goodness! Well I guess you can wear
that to a pool party. Does it fill up with water? I recommend accessorising
with a Louis Vuitton purse and a snorkel. Now, why did y’all have to ruin
this perfectly good outfit with some damn rubber chickens? I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! Oh baby, you real
close to a nip slip. She don’t know
though because she got chicken feet in her ass. Oh Jesus! Girl, is that a pacifier? She looking like, I don’t know
why I agreed to do this [BEEP],, girl. But you getting
your coins, girl. You getting your coins! Y’all remember Rain Pops candy? Yeah, them was tasty. Not sure how it ended
up on the runway. But baby, there it go. Oh my God. What a fashion show, honey. This too much. Y’all– mm-hmm, honey. That was ugly. Bye.


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