OMKalen: Go Behind the Scenes in This Extended Cut of Kalen & Christian Cowan at NYFW

So a few weeks ago
I told you we were going to send you to
New York and you’re going to walk in New
York Fashion Week. I actually know who you’re
walking for at Fashion Week. Sorry, because I don’t know. And Ellen wanted me to tell you. Who? Christian Cowan. [SCREAMS] Oh my gosh, hi! Hi! How are you? I’m good. Oh my goodness! It’s so nice to meet finally. It’s so nice to meet you. Do you know how much I love you? I’m obsessed. [SCREAMS] Yes, boy! Baby, can I put this on? That’s Christian Cowan. Yes! Yes. So Christian Cowan saw
you and said, OK, we love that you love it. And sent that. That actually came from him. OK, let me just say, I know
how important this is for you. And I am so honored
that you are allowing me to walk in New York. I’m so so excited. I’ve wanted this for ages. So welcome. Thank you. I want to show you
the clothes a bit. OK. So you get a vibe for it. Yes! OK, OK, let’s look
at the options. Major. So we’ve got a high
vis moment here. Yes. It’s like, no one’s
going to miss you. I was thinking, I’ve
got this sweat suit where, like, literally, all
these crystals have been hand drilled and applied. Do with the– Iconic. So I’d love you to try
on this full look first. OK. And then we can
kinda go from there. Boom. Let’s do it. Fab. Work. I’m ready. I’m ready! Oh, this makes me nervous. All righty. Super cute. Do you like it? I do. I think I want to
change the belt. OK. And I think I want to turn these
into, like, cycling shorts. OK. Like, tight, show some leg. OK. That needs to happen. I like that. Yeah, so let’s try this one. I can help you out. Are you excited to walk? Yes, I’m very nervous. The attendance is
insane as well. Like, every– Stop, don’t tell me. Stop, don’t tell me. Because now I’m
thinking about it and then it’s going
to make me nervous. OK, I won’t tell you. But you’ll see it
when you’re out there. OK. I’ve got to loosen this. Is this your first time
at New York Fashion Week? Yes it is. Work! First time. I want to get some scissors. Give me two seconds
and then we’re going to cut that shorter. OK dokey. Don’t be scared that I’m
cutting it on you, I promise– No, I’m fine. I should put some lotion on. Yeah, I’ve caught
you by surprise. I will be exposed. And so I already prefer
it shorter I feel. I definitely feel like that. Obviously, like, not
super crazy, like that. I want to try one other thing. Could you keep
the turtleneck on. OK. But yeah, just put this on. OK, great. Let’s go for a jog, darling. I way prefer this one, for sure. And I’ve already
thought, like, I think I want to put the
diamond chain around here, and around there,
and around here, and then have the text there. OK. This is cute. I like it. Love it! Boom, bam, thank you ma’am. Great! Are you happy? It looks– it will
be more fabbed up. Honey, I’m just
happy to be walking. I wouldn’t care if you
put me in a trash bag. I would not care. Thank you! I hope I do it justice. Oh my god, you will. You’ll serve it. Serve it up. So the kids will eat it up. All right, so we just
finished the fitting. So I’m headed backstage. I’m telling y’all,
I’m really nervous. But by the blood of
Jesus, I’m going to be OK. All right, so if you
couldn’t tell by now, I’m getting my
makeup done, darling. So that this face is beat
when I walk down the runway. So that when they’re
taking pictures, they don’t see my flaws. We’re covering them up. It’s a facade, OK? Be like Beyonce and be flawless. I’m getting more
nervous as time goes by. Show me. Wow. I look gorgeous. I love it. Great. Look at that skin tone. That chocolaty goodness. Honey, I look like caramel. There you go. This is amazing. I literally just
felt my stomach drop. Now, I’m really nervous. I can’t wait, baby, I’m
ready to put on some clothes. Honestly, like, let’s do this. Oh, she got the baby oil. Honey, please. Because I can’t go out there
looking like a chalk board. Absolutely not. Wow, this the VIP
treatment up in here, baby. Thank you. What’s your name? I don’t even know your name,
you all been touching on my leg. Girl, I don’t even
know your name. Hi! Hello! We are here for his
first ever runway show! Yes, we are. All right, everybody, so
we’re about to walk out. We’re about to line up. I’m nervous, I’m anxious
a little bit, but it’s OK. Because as soon as
I walk out on stage, all I’m going to say to myself
is, Kalen, be a bad bitch. You can beat that out. Right, 30 seconds, OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMS] That was crazy! I’m like, not real life. Life is but a dream. I’m– I’m shaking. Like, literally shaking. I don’t even know what to say. Like, I just– I’m– I’m overwhelmed. [APPLAUSE] We just finished. That was amazing. I am literally
completely speechless. Like, I can’t even talk right. Oh my goodness, first of
all, thank you, Ellen, thank you, Christian, thank
you, Endeavor, thank you, IMG Models. You all have changed
my life forever. I am truly indebted. Thank you.


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