Our VIP guests on the Dior Summer 2020 Men’s show

The show is in like 30 minutes. It’s 6:02 pm. It’s Kim Jones time. Time? I live on my own time,
I don’t belong to anyone else’s time! My relationship with time is anxiety. I think you need to be
immersed in all eras, even the past,
and look to the future too. It’s supposed to be
very post-apocalyptic and like Dior on Dune, which I’m very excited by. I’m a sci-fi nerd, so… It’s like a time capsule into the past of the brand
Dior and Monsieur Dior. I’m looking forward to being surprised,
discovering a new collection, discovering Kim Jones and his work… Beautiful tailoring,
that’s all I know. Very chic and timeless. Beautiful, very elegant,
very tailored. I loved the scarves
and the sashes and everything. It looks very simple
but it’s not, you know? This was one of my favorite pieces
in the entire show, it was unbelievable. I love the glasses.
I loved the Sahara cap hood. I really liked
the transparent shoes too. That way, whenever you change socks
it’s as if you’re changing shoes. I think that’s pretty cool. I found it extremely fluid… So lively… Earlier, I was wearing it like this,
like a lord or something. I especially like that Kim’s making
a feature of the sash, you know? Now boys can have floor length! I like the suitcase.
I need to go get one now, gosh. I felt like I was on another planet… and there are inhabitants
who’ve been there for a while. It felt like I was a part of that. It went by fast…
it all happened so quickly, I filmed the end
so I can watch it again later.


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