Oztrack Remote Tuning -we can custom tune your LS1 LS2 LS3 LSA anywhere in the world

Oztrack has been remote tuning since 2008 We can remotely tune cars using this service as good as if you brought the car to us. So it can help people who live a long way from our shop. This Corvette was tuned in Norway using our remote tuning service This is the autocal device The autocal is used to read out the cars engine tune calibration and you email it to us. We build the customized tune for you and email it back. You use the autocal to put the tune into the cars ECU. Once the tune is in you can drive the car and collect a data log for us We analyse it and send you another update via email. We post out the autocals using express post. To give greater gains we can post the autocal out with an OTR cold air intake If you get stuck we can help you live to remotely by connecting to your PC Pricing starts from $799 and is
$899 for cam upgrade tuning.

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