How Hand-Built Custom Skis Are Made

Most people don’t really even think about the physics of skis. What’s important is having the right geometry, that’s things like the right length and width. And then, creating a ski that is forgiving when you need it to be, but is still smooth and stable if you’re skiing fast or in challenging snow. We’re

Customs Broker (Episode 86)

If you’re importing or exporting goods internationally, you’re going to need the help of this next career. Let’s meet a customs broker. Tippy? Hi! Hi. Brian. Nice to meet you, Brian. Nice to meet you. I’m glad to have you here. Thanks for having me. I’m Tippy Kelly, a customs broker at Davidson & Sons

About Our Custom Floor Resurfacing & Coating Services | One Day Custom Floors LLC | Fenton, Michigan

hi this is Chris Phillips with one day custom floors ( I wanted to kind of go through and just describe the process that we use for concrete floor coatings there’s a lot of different products out there mainly you’ve got everything from you know the Sherwin Williams type for paints up to the epoxies