[PART 1] Kitagawa Rio 1st Harosute MC appearance (cc)

For this Harosute, The MC will be me, Morning Musume’19 Fukumura Mizuki & me, Morning Musume’19 Kitagawa Rio. We’ll be the MC for this episode This is a show where we bring you the latest news from H!P Please stay with us till the end The recent news about us. Starting with me On the 30th of Oct, at the airing of this episode, I’m turning 23 years old Congratulations I’ve been thinking how was my 22-year-old self Whether my hobby changes or not, or the way I wear my clothes, Is there anything that make me become passionate about? I thought if it changed, maybe I have become more mature For 23-year-old me too, without forgeting my root, I thought it will be good if I become more mature, even if it’s only a bit. As for me, of course it is about Morning Musume autumn tour which is a big thing for me We are not even halfway through the tour yet With each concerts, I was able to grow little by little, from what I’ve learnt Is there anything that you usually do to reward yourself after working hard? I really like sweet candies But I know that I cannot eat a lot of them So I reward myself with them after each concert. Just a little bit
You’ll eat them that time? (Yes) I see For you, this is the 1st you become the MC right? (Yes) So that we can know about her more, please introduce yourself to the camera Go ahead, please I’m Kitagawa Rio, 15 years old, high school freashman, from Tokyo My hobbies is drinking water & looking out for cute girls. Please take care of me It’s true that you look like the type to like cute girls Like in the net? You have that image Drinking water too right? From early on, you mentioned that is your special ability is about kikimizu (mineral water) But during the concert tour, we did some kind of challenge about kikimizu right? You failed one time & you lost some confidence You were looking forward to it too You have to stand up again & said that this is your special ability ok? Even if we do tour at other place, let’s face kikimizu properly again? Let’s do it! By the way, since when did you feel like you had became a member of Morning Musume? I felt like that since the autumn tour started But definitely during the recording for ‘Songs of Tokyo’ which was a big thing for me It was the 1st time I stood on the same stage with the seniors We did during H!P concert too but But it was the 1st time of music show It made me aware that I already became a member It was annouced in June right? The 1st time we met was when I went to your house in secret It’s not even 3 months passed since then Before we realized it, we became much closer You said that you have no confidence in your athletic ability Maybe because you are someone who can do it when the time come Maybe you just need some kicks If that person is really bad, they’ll fall if they are kicked That could happen But because you are strong, that’s why you can go up I’ve seen people like that It make me feel relieve For a beginner, to do a concert with 20+ songs It really make me feel relieve From now on, let’s look forward to see how Rio-chan grow Now, in order to learn more about Kitagawa Rio-chan We’ll proceed with the quiz Yes This is the question There is something about my work that I want to find soon. What is it? What could it be? I think senior members found it already
We found it already? (I think so) Since the start? Not sure? I think it depends on the person What is it? Let’s find out after the VTR!


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