PART 2 C10 Dashboard and Custom Speaker Installation | 73-87 Chevrolet

As I said, I’m ready to get my new dash
in place And I’m going to show you real quick How to put these clips in Now I ordered 6 of these new dash clips And they’re kind of tricky to install It’s not very clear how they go in So I’m going to show you real quick how
to put these in Now I’ve got this zoomed in pretty tight So you can actually see what I’m doing But just for reference, this edge right here Butts up against the windshield So, you can see here This is the speaker opening So that’s pretty much the center of the
truck Over here, this is the opening for the defrost
duct So, I’ll show you real fast This little tang, right there There’s 2 of them, as you can see Not that one, but this little short one right
there Needs to drop into this slot And this ramped area That points towards the windshield So what you do, like I said That little tang there Drops into that slot So you get it in position And what you’re going to have to do Is push straight down on the tab And when it’s down in place You rotate it Doesn’t matter which way you do it You can start from the other side You rotate it into place And the back there Drops into that long slit right there in the
back Then you just kind of straighten everything
out Some of this is peeling off So I’ll deal with that But that’s pretty much how you do it So these little raised areas here on the dash That’s where those clips slide into They slide underneath, just like that And of course there’s 6 of them to Match the 6 clips on the dash Now to get this to fit right Over here on the passenger side Right up against the weatherstripping I did have to trim a little bit of material
off of there It kind of had a flange Which you can still see a little bit of it
up here But, I’m not going to trim that Because it fills in this area nicely But down here I had to take just a box knife razorblade And trim off some of that So that when I bolt this down I’ve got a nice clean edge In between the metal dash and the weatherstripping Just makes it look a lot cleaner And it fits a lot better I’m probably going to have to do a little
more trimming In a few areas on the dash Just like I had to do over here in the corner But I’m ready to at least bolt it in And see how, see how it fits Once it’s all bolted in place So I’ve got some hardware here I got these little panhead screws These are going to go underneath Along the side between The passenger side and the middle of the truck And then I’ve got Some flathead, recessed screws These are going to go in the gauge bezel And hold that portion Hold the gauge bezel in place And hold that portion of the dash in place Now these, these are stainless And they’re all #8 screws The button head ones are 3/4” And then the panhead ones Or I’m sorry, the recessed ones are all
1” And now, I just got these at Home Depot I didn’t order them from a catalog or anything
like that They’re just stainless sheetmetal screws So, let’s get these installed So over here on the driver’s side of the
truck We’re right over here next to the door And this edge of the new dash pad There’s nothing to hold it in place Now, it does kind of make a clamp fit When you put the bezel on here But I’m not convinced that that’s going To be a stable, permanent solution There is a hole there That’s already pre-punched into the dash
pad But there’s no hole in the actual metal
dash To run a screw in there So, I’m going to put the bezel back in place Get this lined up where I need it Drill a hole into the metal dash So I can put a screw in there To hold this in place So that this stays tight and right where I
want it So the dash pad is screwed in place right
here I’m really happy with the fit So it’s not interfering with the bezel Or anything like that So lets go ahead and put in the rest of these
screws And get this finished up So right up here at the top left of the bezel Going into the dash pad There is a spot that we need to drill a hole
there Now it’s kind of a hole into the Urethane material here but there is Metal backing under this urethane material So, we need to, again, drill another hole Right up in this area So the hole’s there I might actually put a speed clip behind there And let me reposition the camera There’s one other hole that we need to drill Into the dash pad So you’re looking through the steering wheel This is above the vent, right here Sort of to the right of the steering wheel And this hole right here Just like we did on the left side of the steering
wheel We need to drill a hole through the dash pad For this screw to fit in to this spot So like I just said I’m just getting this kind of roughed into
place right now I think what I’m going to do Is go to the hardware Or the auto parts store I should say And get some speed clips To put around the urethane and the little
bit of metal That’s inside this dash pad here So I didn’t need to run the the auto parts
store To get speed clips I forgot about these that I had These actually came with the speakers That we installed earlier So they’re kind of Put my hand back… There we go They don’t pinch right So I’ve got to put a little bit Of a pinch on them myself So, all I’m doing Is just getting the hole The free hole Lined up with the hole that’s In the dash pad And then just pinching it With these wire dykes And that holds it in place So there we have it The dash is all mounted in place Got all the screws in there Up here around the bezel We’ve got a good fit Over here against the driver’s side door
jam So everything’s in place So that’s about it I appreciate y’all watching And if you haven’t subscribed Please subscribe!


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