[PART 2] Kitagawa Rio 1st Harosute MC appearance (cc)

Now, it’s time for the answer What thing related to work that I hope I will be able to find/master soon? Fukumura-san, did you write the answer? (Yes I did!) Please show it Special talent Just now, when we talked she did said she have no confidence about special talent So I thought it might be this Is this correct? Now, I will announce the answer The answer is.. How to make myself looks good on picture I’m not really good at taking picture I’ve been worrying about it since a long time ago Since I was a little child, I was not able to smile properly I couldn’t pay attention at all I’m not good at taking picture of myself smiling How can I make myself looks good in front of the camera, I really want to know that I have this image that you are good at that On your blog, when you take your selfie & your profile picture I’ve seen different kind of picture, I didn’t think you’re not good with it Not really So you are not good with it? Fukumura-san, is there any tips when taking your own picture? For the picture to put on my blog, I usually will decide on the pose that I want to do Once I decided on the pose, then I will do my best to bring out the pose that I want Well, I myself am not that good at them too but that’s how I do it So Rio-chan, you have no sense of direction? You’re not good at reading map? I’ve heard about that Is it true? (Yes) Some time ago, I was invited to a dinner party They said it was near the station with only 2 min walking
That sounded fairly near It was only 2 min, even the map looked easy to follow It seems like I just need to go straight & then turn I don’t know what happened It took me about 50 min to reach there
You took that long? That kind of thing happened That must be difficult for you But actually I’m also like that I can’t read the map I’m don’t know which train to take But the worse thing that I can remember was when I got off at the wrong station I also make a mistake about which exit to take I was walking around Like ‘Where the hell am I?’ That did happened I thought that was bad But we have no choice but try to remember it right? Try to read the map. (Yes) We can’t go somewhere new together right? We should bring others, like Ishida-san Ishida Ayumi-chan? Or Kaga Kaede-chan too. They’re good with direction If we both want to go somewhere, we should take one more person along Go somewhere to play Harosute will continue right after this

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