[PART 3] Kitagawa Rio 1st Harosute MC appearance (cc)

Next one is Harosute challenge! This is a corner where H!P members can do anything in the studio The challenge that we chose is ‘Food report’ Do you have any experience? (No) This is your 1st time? (Yes) Good luck for your 1st time I did it a couple of time, but I’m not really good at it though When you want to describe the taste, how to say this.. I can’t seem to get how to describe it. We’ll do our best The food that we’ll be reviewing is furefure Furikake Salad. This is furikake made for salad dressing This seems kind of rare Usually we have things like quinoa, chia seeds, super food & a lot of other things I think it is rare to have it with furikake This is the rule for the food report We both will choose 2 NG words Without using those words, let’s properly describe the taste Whoever ended using NG words the most will do an eyecatch at the end of this episode With this, how do we decide who go 1st? Then, let’s do janken. Janken? Whoever win go 1st The 1st one is rock, Jankenpon! Ahh! I won! This is Fukumura-san’s NG words! Kobashi (sweet fragrance) & Waafu- (japanese style)
These 2 One phrase? (not sure about this one) Saying that this is a phrase is a bit off Ok Ok. I’ll do my best So now, Fukumura-san’s food report challenge start! This is cute. The size is great You can carry it anywhere I’ll start now How much should I put in? Maybe this much? This is easy to tell I’ll eat this now I don’t really know what to expect Usually we use dressing right? Itadakimasu This is tasty It is pretty chewy How to say it? The flavor is pretty strong It taste strong Because when we have salad, I imagine we’ll have it with dressing Like how it make it taste sour That’s how I imagine it So having salad with furikake give me a new feeling How to describe it? I don’t know I think this will go well with a lunch box It is good to have it at the table too Because it is dry, It is convenient to carry it around This is really tasty It is like eating this with soy sauce I’ll buy it! That’s all Now, let’s us find out the NG words This is scary This is it Kobashi (savoury smell) and Wafuu (japanese style) I didn’t say any of these You are safe Yay! I didnt say them right? But still, (I almost say) kobashi Kobashi? Instead of kobashi (sweet fragrance), I almost said Koi Aji (strong flavor) It should’ve been ‘Koi Aji’ instead Rio-chan’s NG words are.. This is it! Nnn~~ & igaito (surprisingly) This one (Nnnn~`) is something I want her to say & this one (igaito), I thought she will use it, that’s why I chose this Then, please proceed with your 1st food report! I’m so nervous Scary~ This looks like cereal Instead of normal furikake, it did not have the color. This looks more like chia seeds Certain foods has certain color right? Like green color or brown color You know by their appearance.. Ahh.. She put in a lot of them That kind of feeling I’ll eat this now Itadakimasu How to do? How much should I eat? How much? Wait, my hand is shaking Itadakimasu How to say this? This taste like… furikake XD Of course it taste like furikake You know, my heart.. my heart? It’s like it go straight to my heart, that type of flavor I’ll take another bite I need to get more of it This whole thing, Itadakimasu What is it? What is it? What is it? This is a new taste They got tangled with the vegetable They did not get separated from it, it properly stick to the vegetable I can tell the taste of the furikake easily. I’ll buy it! That is all! Thank you for your hard work That is a great food report The NG words that I chose is This is it! Igaito (surprisingly) & Nnn~~ Did I say that? Nnn~~ I said that a lot This is kinda unfair, Fukumura-san Actually, I was waiting for a longer ‘Nnnn~~’ But you said short ‘Nn~’ 3-4 times right? Then, Rio-chan will do the ending eyecatch But for a beginner, your food report is very good I know I shouldn’t be the one saying this You properly convey how delicious the food is. That’s what I thought This product will be on sale in elineupmall. Whoever interested please check that out. That’s all for Harosute ‘food report’ challenge Nnnn~~ I’ll buy ths! XD We are almost at the end of Harosute! This is a show to feature various H!P members. Please stay tune with the talk. Lastly, our final message Morning Musume’19 is currently holding a concert tour called ‘Kokoro & Karada’ Please check us out! And on Dec 1st, we will be holding a live at Shinjuku Reny This is a more compact compared to other venue Our tour final will be on Dec 5th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium This is the debut tour for the recently announced 15th gen We are also looking forward to it. Please check us out! And I, Fukumura Mizuki will be releasing a new photobook title ‘Tasha’ The shooting is done in Taiwan. You might see a different sight of me. Please check it out. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu How is it being MC for this episode? I always watched Harosute before Now that I’m going to be the MC, I was worried about what things to talk about I was able to talk a lot with Fukumura-san, so I think this will be a good Harosute episode I hope we are able to find out more about Rio-chan Please treat her well That’s all, the MC for this episode are me, Fukumura Mizuki and me, Kitagawa Rio! Good -bye!


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