People Recreate Iconic Fashion Ads

– [Voiceover] Scoot a
little more and there. – And her coochy’s in my face.
(laughing) (upbeat pop music) – I don’t identify with models. – The ideal Abercrombie and Fitch model is definitely, probably, white, hot. – I mean I’ve never seen a trans guy model anything professionally. – I never see Indians. – I have no boobs. – I’m wondering like if, this will make me feel more beautiful or like, more wanted. (upbeat pop music) (voice covered by music) – [Voiceover] It’s hot as hell right now. – Yeah, I do not smell good. – My feet stink. I do not think this is realistic. – There’s definitely some computers going on with this stuff. My knees hurt right now.
(girl laughing) So yeah, It’ll be
interesting to see myself in that position that I
never really connected with. – ‘Kay, there it is. This is our bodies. – It was good. – It was interesting just kind of being naked and there’s just
like people walking around. But at the same time, it starts to get empowering after a while. – [Voiceover] I like it.
– [Voiceover] It’s so crazy, like you can see my scars and stuff but I kind of like that, ’cause it’s like yeah, we all have scars and stretch marks and stuff. It gives it character. – It feels real, you know. – [Voiceover] We place so much
emphasis on the naked body, when it’s like, at the end
of the day it’s just skin. – I’m a little uncomfortable, but I’m also strangely comfortable in
a room full of strangers on the internet, in my underwear. As a dickless man, modeling
Calvin Klein underwear, I think that’s a first,
maybe, for the world. – Yeah, I feel good, I
feel very glam, it’s fun. A company will choose a white woman over a woman of color,
so I think the only way to start to change that is
by just feeding people color color instead of white faces
so that we’re more comfortable as a society with people of color. – So my dad is Indian and my mom is white. Growing up kids would tell
me that I was adopted. Now that I’m older I feel so
much more confident in my skin and this experience really allowed me to embrace my skin color. (gentle music) – I’m excited, I think, I think it’s going to be good. – I just know, I feel like I’m gonna look like a big old dork. – I’m excited. – I’m a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie, we were sweaty that day. – Okay, ready? (laughs) – Like, we look so hot,
they’re gorgeous and amazing, but so are we. – Wow, wow. It’s funny because I feel like this photo makes me look like I’m just calm and lying on a bed, when in reality, I was breaking my back,
drooling all over my hand. What you see is this one single moment, when in reality, it was something else. – The first thing I noticed that was like strikingly different was hair. For me, that’s not my
ideal standard of beauty, that dress is not really
a dress I would wear, and because it’s an ad it doesn’t really make me feel any more beautiful. I kind of prefer the way
I look on a regular day. (shrieks) (laughs) – You look hot. My back rolls are definitely there. He doesn’t have any back
rolls, he has dimples. – Even though it is me,
it’s nice to see somebody that’s like every-day and
looks like me in an ad. – Alright, well, I look better than I thought I would honestly. It would be cool if there was a trans guy in an actual Calvin Klein ad. (upbeat music)
– [Voiceover] Seductively. – When I look at fashion ads, I often compare myself to them and
feel bad looking at them. But I have to remember that I never get professional hair and make up done and all of those people do and they also have Photoshop on their side. – You know, there shouldn’t
be one perfect type of body. – I think we should be
able to live in a world where both images can exist and we’re not fighting
for one to be the best. They’re just all there.


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