ready-set-go record sorry hey no gays
welcome back to my channel I’m super spiny today because today’s video is
with someone that I’ve never done a clothing haul or try on with before
princess Polly I’m so excited you guys I chose my top favorite kind of pieces
that I love from their website I am wearing this pink coral II like tie-dye
cropped like it’s just the most cutest thing of life I can on this one is
emphasized us for if you guys wanted to be oversized just go like a size or two
up to be honest if you wanted to be really big but this is the fit that I
wanted comes with a little hood at the back okay I am in love I’m kind of like
obsessed with tie-dye ever since I got my other top super comfortable and this
is actually perfect to sit at the Starbucks without I might do that
I’m just so excited because this is my new background I think I’m kind of like
content with this one I have a massive window right in front of me so I just
feel like all the light just kind of hits me so hopefully you guys love my
new background leave some love down below and let me know what you guys
think so today we’re going to be doing a princess Polly clothing try on haul I am
so so so excited of course you guys know everything that I train you guys in
today’s video you guys can shop it down below in my description box I leave you
guys my sizing in any particular notes if I felt like I should have gone to
size up size down and if it’s perfect sizing it’ll just say exactly where I
decided what I ordered and you guys I also have a coupon code you guys will
save 20% off with my coupon code SMX so I will also leave it down below in the
description box while you guys are shopping with them so you guys can see a
ton of money they also have free two-day a u.s. express shipping on orders over
$70 and they also offer after pay you guys where you can buy now where now and
then you guys can pay later just for reference I’m normally a size us 4 on
the top and like a 6/8 at the bottom if you guys are not following your girl on
IG make sure you guys do it is at Steph G Macedo y’all like that color
right there y’all like that I’m sorry I decide to do it guys it was sober to
choose what to wear I always like to choose one piece and wear it in the
intro but I just have to shoot this piece that’s just so adorable you can
wear this in the spring summer even in the winter and put a coat over top of it
it’s just so versatile and if you guys just stop by my channel and you are
brand new thank you so much for stopping by and welcome and if you guys are
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new videos let’s get started with this clothing haul because I’m just so so so
happy to start with my first clothing haul at my new place do you guys like
this new OTD corner like I am in love I want to show you guys how this sweater
fits on me one thing I love about it is it’s tied right now and it kind of like
rushes over here and turns into a crop and you can like raise it up or you guys
can also untie it down like this if you want to wear it a little bit more
casually I love this outfit so much it’s just very overall casual comfy but still
really cute with the tie-dye and also super trendy and then just obviously
pair it with a pair of sneakers like this is how much the u.s. 4 gives me
gives me a lot of room over there also on the side over here as well and if you
guys are looking for one this one is so super comfy soft and just perfect as a
basic I’m to start off with this one because it’s so adorable this has a very
like babydoll sort of look to it and this style top is so popular this summer
you guys go definitely very very trendy and I tried it on unfortunately I should
have gone a size up but this one I would even say a size or two up from
this just because this fabric doesn’t have any stretch to it and it feels like
almost a linen cotton fabric you guys can also do it off the shoulder or you
can raise it up but I love doing it off the shoulder at the back that’s what it
looks like it’s just very very pretty and I love the black I believe this one
comes in I believe a lot of these come in like alternate colors
can choose from but I just wanted the block just because it’s really nice and
basic and simple you guys can wear this with like a
wide-leg trouser you guys can do this like a casual look with jeans if you
want to there’s so many different ways you guys can kind of wear this for the
summer I’ve managed to button them up but this last one I cannot really get
there and right now I have a black tank top so normally it would be a little bit
more lower showing more cleavage like that or these shoe guys can get a good
idea of what this top looks like and look how cute this outfit is
you guys pull it down over here it just becomes like that it’s so sexy and just
perfect for like dinner time we’re going out during the day and throw fits cuz
the extra couple pounds I added on guys or if it’s the top but I think it’s both
this next piece over here I’m so excited about this is kind of like my alter ego
to be honest with you because this is the more dressed down stuff a little bit
more of the boyfriend boyish kind of side to me which is very very slim it’s
very slim but I’m gonna show you guys how cute I’m gonna style this seriously
I’m so excited I love this traffic sense the riddles and it says self of paradise
so cute and the thrills is upside down and you guys it’s in the most softest
fabric pepper kind of feels like butter very thin and just very movable as you
guys can see and you guys this color like this muddy sort of greeny gray oh
my god it’s just so beautiful it’s kind of like a dark sage sort of color but I
absolutely love it and I’m gonna style a very casual of the vest can do with it
oh my god I cannot wait to take a photo with this this is my type of graphic tee
by the way something that has something very simple at the front I think too
much going on I love these because it kind of goes with my simplistic and
minimalistic style okay guys like how cute is this look
I’ve just paired it with a pair of cycle shorts and then also my beige
kind of sneakers this is just such a really casual outfit that you guys can
use for everyday this is how it fits on me it gives me a ton of room it is so
comfortable you guys and just so flowy guys this is my alter ego the side of me
only comes out once in a while if you know I get
Natha blows as this summer I don’t know what it is with me
soft caught in with this like wavy texture on it can you guys see that like
it’s just so beautiful I cannot it’s a very beachy sort of look
you guys compare this with like a pair of sand shorts tie it up wear it down
and leave it open wear a tank top underneath this one I gotta size us too
actually because I believe that this one
described it it was very oversized I love the little detail of these buttons
and just very light and free and silver like a nude bra or white bra underneath
I would let it show to be honest with you but let’s just say you want to wear
this to work just simply wear like a tank top underneath and you won’t see
anything you’ll just see the tank top it’s high to raise up the sleeves is
inside of here I just cannot talk enough about that’s taught because I love it so
much and they have such cute pieces you guys I noticed that their pieces are
very very kind of set apart from everyone else and they’re very unique
but the quality of thumb of you guys is something that I was really impressed
with it while still being a portable and don’t forget you guys will get 20% off
when you use my coat as well this outfit with my purse this is so cute okay this
top is seriously so gorgeous and probably one of my favorite things from
this entire haul this is something that I would leave the house and probably
every single day this is a very good everyday outfit it’s very kind of like
free and very thin so you don’t have to get too hot in it and by the way guys in
this summer I tend to wear way more pants than I do shorts that’s just how I
am I just want to show you guys a really basic like white and black look that I
literally would use all the time also looks like you spent so much money and
it just looks so expensive this is how much room it gives me that’s a close-up
of the texture so it has this very like wavy texture on it but I just love it so
much this overall look is like my absolute fave and this is seriously like
my entire aesthetic like this black and white I love this so much it’s just so
cute for dinner you guys dressing it up with a pair of light black trousers or a
mini black like leather skirt this one I got in in size us for now that I’m
reading this one I think besides us for but I will definitely let
you guys know down below in the description box so if this one it’s just
so pretty you guys it’s definitely this accent top if you’re wanting something a
little bit more different and you’re just feeling like a little bit more fun
that day I did get a US size four in this because I knew it would already be
kind of very flowy and it’s in a very sheer fabric or you can just wear like a
nude bra underneath where you guys can still wear a white bra and just have it
kind of like showing through I think it’s so pretty you guys and this detail
over here just like dropping enough to give you a very soft cleavage and in the
most fresh like ivory sort of color guys look how gorgeous this top is I didn’t
even think about this but the ruffles kind of cover your bra area so no matter
what bra you’re wearing it doesn’t really matter
nude heels are not that high again so they’re like really really comfortable
and then of course with a pair of light blue jeans this top by the way it can be
really cropped or you guys can pull it down or if you want it to be really
cropped you guys also can bring it up like that and this size is absolutely
perfect for me I love all these ruffles are just so gorgeous gives me enough
room on my arms they still have a lot of room in here again it just is very
stretchy at the bottom here with the elastic and sweater over here as soon as
I saw it on their website I was like yes please definitely want you I feel like
this can be very dual purpose to be honest so this is how it looks on the
front but then at the back it has this twist and I mean this stripe detail what
the beige and the white is just so pretty I feel like a lot of these pieces
look very beachy but this one definitely gives off that beachy vibe for sure this
one I got in small/medium but I’m also gonna try it for you guys this way
because I feel like it can be both to be honest it’s already very super flowy and
oh my god you guys it is so soft and then you can also bring this into the
fall that’s what I love about this look at this unn sambal I am like loving
honestly this haul is like one of my favorites look at this like I’m wearing
it the wave where the knot is on the front so if you guys see it from the
back the v-neck is sort of on the back but you guys can literally put it either
way it doesn’t even matter it is so comfortable you guys just so relaxed I
love it with the white fresh it is and then just with a pair of
nude kind of tan heels love the small/medium on me as well gives me a
ton of room and it already is sort of like really large and baggy so just go
like your normal size in this and look at that knit detail it is just so
beautiful you guys I love the colors and everything this is like my new fave
sweater this skirt over here is a cord skirt this one I got a size us six does
have this zipper on the front it’s so cute you guys it’s super plan on the
back and the way you put it on is through the front which also makes it
really nice and easy has two pockets here on the side and of course it’s in
the most like nude sand sort of color and it’s very very soft you guys because
it’s in a very thick kind of ribbed cord like how cute is this
so I actually could have gone with the size four
I have some room over here you guys don’t have a small waist and you tend to
go more straight here then you probably could do with your normal size and also
would have grabbed my hips I have like a little bit of room this is more of a
regular comfortable fit and look at these pockets over here like they are so
adorable and again I don’t mind this size for like a comfortable day but I
typically like things more fitted so I would have definitely from me gone one
size down here but those of you who are wondering this is not stretchy it’s just
your typical cord fabric that’s why I want it to be on the safe side but now
you guys know this is the piece that is super super different for me this is a
gingham dress I used to thinking ham it’s not being happy and gingham I think
it geom green it says dress and it’s so
cute you guys I feel like I need to go on a picnic with this like no joke I
seriously do you can tie up the straps and then also have a tie on the front
this one I bought in size us four I wanted it to be really fitted to my body
this elastic band which means you know what that meant to me that meant it was
gonna hug my body really nicely which I love about it over here it’s in like a
Greek cotton you sort of feel but I love that it has
elastic kind of body at the bottoms that it kind of rubs you and it’s not one of
those dresses where you’re like am I gonna be a four or six this elastic part
is gonna be super forgiving me with my picnic basket what do y’all think I’m
just wearing a strapless bra right now oh this whole area is all elastic all
the way down and it’s very stretchy you guys I love the fit that I got so that
is what the back looks like it’s so comfortable you guys and very very
elastic look how cute this front area is like oh my god and this little knot on
this side for the straps it is just the most prettiest like innocent dress of
life I love my pastels so definitely this like minty green is just so cute
for summer and I’ve just paired it with these heels over here this next piece
over here is just this rate of sunshine u.s. size 4 typically in these tops I
would get a size 4 and it does also have just like the dress funny enough it also
has this elastic body at the bottom it’s very very stretchy and just this very
like not too vibrant but kind of buttercup yellow I don’t really have a
lot of yellow pieces because you guys already know I don’t really wear a lot
of color but I just thought that this was so cute and in the summer I tend to
wear more color than normal highs the front here you can do a little bow tie
and then these little sleeves over here these little ruffled a tee sleeves I
love tops like these because it just makes it so much easier to order them
and this color is just so pretty and I think I’m just gonna do a really fresh
outfit and show you guys how I style it I love the fit of it and again it is
very stretchy over here I paired it with some fresh blue jeans and I’m still
wearing a nude heel that’s the close-up of the front of it is so nice and
stretchy over here like I was telling you guys has the elastic you guys can
also pull this down if you want to make it off the shoulder just fits so nicely
you kind of just tie it and adjust it to whatever you want by the chest area but
it’s just so nice and comfortable you guys very nice and soft this feels like
a cotton fabric ok I’ve been meaning to get one of these
dresses I’m not gonna lie for a very time but I always I don’t know I just I
guess I didn’t find the perfect one but you guys this is the most perfect like
black evening dress but with something going on not just like your typical
basic when you turn it around the back it does have a zipper over here where
you guys can bring it down and obviously put it on very easily this one I got in
this size at us four because again I wanted it to be very fitted with it does
have like this sheer layer and then of course has an extra lining underneath so
that it’s not see-through just cannot wait to try this on I’m gonna do an all
classic dinner black look that you guys can style with this in the summertime I
am in love oh my god this is such a gorgeous dress you guys this is how the
u.s. size 4 fits me fabric does have some stretch to it you guys which I love
about it one thing I have to mention is these straps are elastic I didn’t know
that they’re stretchy I always have an issue over here when it comes to dresses
and I just wish that every single dress came with that elastic strap that’s how
it looks on the back advise it is just the most beautiful classic dress if
you’re typically a size 4 just stick with the size 4 so happy I have like a
ruched black dress now all right babes that is basically it for my princess
Pauline trend clothing haul hopefully you guys enjoyed all the pieces that I
showed you and of course all of these summer outfits I showed you as well
don’t forget babe if you guys want to shop any of the items that I showed you
guys in today’s video I’ve left them down below in my description box along
with the sizing right next to it to make it a little bit easier while you guys
are shopping with them and don’t forget to use my coupon code it is 20% off SM
XO makes you guys use that what you guys are placing it your order with princess
Polly leave some love down below let me know if you guys love this haul I cannot
wait to do more for you there’s gonna be more coming so don’t you worry guys I’m
not done with the summer haul again and let me know if you guys want more more
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my beautiful babes in my next video


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