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– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Peace. (beeping) – Howdy, partner. My name’s Fuller with Custom Offsets TV. We got another From the. (beeping) – What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube with your favorite host, Brian. Just kidding. He’s nobody’s favorite. – Wow! – Sorry (laughing). We got another episode
of From the Gallery. Don’t worry, I’m not
really this mean in person. I mean not usually. We’re taking your trucks
that you’ve submitted to the gallery, and we’re gonna rate them on a scale of one to 10, one being not so hot, 10
being super duper hot. And Rainey’s pretty opinionated,
so this usually goes well. So we’ll jump right into it. Oh, my lord, what happened to the website? Gimme some zoom. There we go. 2019 Toyota Tundra, Anthem Commanders, 20 by 12, negative 44s, 37
by 12-1/2 Nitto Ridge Graps and a six inch Pro Comp. Good photos other than
this one has got a stick in front of the wheels. It’s hard to see that. – Yeah, the photos are crispy. We appreciate it if you
upload crispy photos, like crispy clean, not blurry photos. – Mm-hm, really do, seriously. N-FAB bumper, light bar. – [Rainey] Oh, what’s up? – [Fuller] And looks like he’s
got some lighting, as well, up on the hood. He’s got some big old
shackles, a Razorback. I don’t known if that’s
what people call those still with a light bar on it, a headache rack. Same difference. It’s a interesting color. I’m not sure if this is
because of the photo editing or if this is the actual color. – I think it’s that newer TRG.
– Oh, like that TRG Pro that was in here? – I believe it’s a raspberry color if I’m not mistaken. – [Fuller] Interesting,
and this doesn’t look like, I don’t see the TRD decals. I don’t know if it’s
actually a TRD or not. It’s pretty slick. Six inch Pro Comp, slight
rub, minor metal trimming, Rough Country fender flares. Rough Country sports bar they call it. Okay, okay. Got a number? – Yeah. – Three, two, one. Eight.
– Seven. – I really like this truck. The few things that I would change, I would probably pull
off those fender flares or paint them to match. I just don’t like how much they stand out. And then the sport back
I’d also probably remove. – I would remove the sport back, and I would probably keep the flares ’cause it’s got more of an off-road look, but I’d paint the, I’d probably
color match the bumpers and the flares. Other than that, I don’t mind it. – ‘Cause of the front
N-FAB skid plate part that’s still, I don’t know
what the make it out of, stainless or aluminum or whatever it is, but it’s still just
like a raw metal finish, either paint that to match the
truck or make it black maybe. Couple things to work on, but overall, this truck does look really nice, and I think it definitely has a theme of being an off-road truck that’s tough. – Off-road that cleans up really well. – Yeah, good photos help that too. ’04 Dodge Ram 2500 TIS
544, red and milled, Firestone Destination M/T2s, 35 at 12-1/2 on stock suspension. Let’s check out the details just to see. Yeah, inner fenders have been relief cut. Yep, ’cause you gotta do some
sorta major metal trimming to fit those. Cab side of the front fenders was cut. So lots and lots of trimming going on to stuff 35 inch tires. – [Rainey] I’m a big
fan of regular cab, so. – [Fuller] This the
regular cab long box too. This is actually, you know,
from the first picture, I didn’t think I was gonna like it at all, and then when I got to the side profile, it looks pretty cool. Stuffin’ 35s in that truck is impressive. – [Rainey] The nice part
is you keep all your towing and usefulness while still looking good. – [Fuller] Absolutely. Okay, okay, otherwise, pretty much stock. I mean there’s a lot of effort obviously that goes into making these fit with all the cutting he had to do. – But sometimes the simple
builds just kill it, and I think this is definitely one of ’em. – All right, number? – Yep. – Three, two, one. Eight.
– Seven. – We’re just gonna pick the
same number the whole time. I’d probably pull off the steps. Being that it’s not tall,
you don’t need those, and I think it would kinda
clean it up a little bit. I do actually like the red wheels on this because everything else is black. There’s no other accents on the truck. So I think you can actually
pull off a bright colored wheel. I would paint some of this front plastic and then maybe get the clear headlights that don’t have the orange reflectors. – Yep, I would definitely
upgrade to a clear or like Anzo makes a
nice lookin’ headlight or something like that. – Or a smoked one, something like that. – I just think an aggressive grill would just definitely set it off and make it look that
much more aggressive. – That’s true. Pull that chrome one off there, maybe get a all black one. – Especially being the only
chrome part on the truck. – Yeah, the cab lights too
could go with a smoked option if you wanted to really
get rid of all of the other orange pieces on the truck. – Other than that, it’s clean and simple. It’s got the nice flares on it. They’re subtle, but they give it just that little extra girth on the bottom. – Yeah, painted to match, and they’re not the rivet style ones, so they look just like a
factory flare that’s bigger. – Those are chrome. – Wow, ’14 Silverado 1500 TIS
544Cs, so the chrome ones, 22 by 12, negative 44,
35 inch Ridge Graps, and a RCD suspension lift. It’s a six inch. People are yelling in the shop. This is one of those double cabs. I think they call ’em double
cab in the Chevy world. – Quad cab. – Quad cab?
– The quad cab. – It’s like not a full crew cab. It’s got smaller half doors. Painted to match fender flares, big ol’ chrome wheels, chrome steps, stock chrome grill, chrome bumper, got a bug shield, some tow mirrors. – It’s something like that lighter, all around like lighter truck look to it, like the color, the chrome, which doesn’t look bad. It definitely pulls it off
very well with the paint color, more so than if it was all
black with all that chrome ’cause that’s a lotta contrast. That actually flows pretty well. – Inch and 1/2 wheel spacers out back just to flush up the fitment. All right, all right. – Those 24s? – 22s. – 22 by 12s. – Yeah. Three, two. one. Six.
– Eight. – I actually don’t necessarily
like the color combo on this truck. Obviously there’s a lotta
chrome from factory, but with this light, I dunno what you call that, pewter color? It’s like sorta green and blue gray. – [Rainey] It’d got a lotta colors to it. – Yeah, which is a hard
color to work with. So if this is the truck you’re given, you gotta work with it. I actually like the black
and chrome look, but. – I do too, but sometimes,
like with my truck being a lighter gray, it’s
hard to figure out which, like a black wheel on
this might look small. – That’s true.
– ‘Cause it makes the whole truck look bigger. But other than that, it’s
pretty sharp and snazzy, and it’s definitely not a bad
looking truck by any means. – It definitely does look way bigger. Like it’s a six inch and
35s, which isn’t massive by any means, but it looks pretty huge I think just because 22 inch
chrome wheels look massive. – Yep. – ’04 Ram 1500 Cali Off-Road Switchbacks, 22 by 12, negative 51s,
and 35 inch RBP Repulsors, and a CST seven inch suspension system. It’s got aftermarket headlights, big ol’ moose mirrors flipped up, aftermarket taillights,
painted to match bumper in the rear, paint to
match valance in the front but not the chrome bumper. – Which is pretty common
on the early 30Ns. – ‘Cause those, for people who don’t know, painting chrome is kind of a pain. Really you wanna strip all that off, and that’s a lengthy process, and it ends up costing more, which is why people don’t always do it, and I think it does tie
nicely with the chrome wheels. – Yep, I agree with that. – [Fuller] Let’s check
out the other details. Slight rubber, full turn,
minor plastic trimming. Okay, nothing else we need to know. Ready for this one? – Yep. – Three, two, one. Seven.
– Six. – I’m surprised you rated it a six. – I’m not a big fan of double bubbles, and I feel like if I
would’ve done the truck, you can buy the lower chrome piece in a paintable version, and
I woulda gotten a color match just so it flows a little bit more. – But then would you
still run chrome wheels ’cause then it’s? – Yeah, red’s one of the nice colors where chrome just works either way. Red and black looks good too, but red and chrome can definitely pop. – I really like these wheels ’cause they look like a forged wheel. They look very similar
to like American Force has one just like this. Also, have not been a huge
fan of Rams historically, but I think a big part of it for me is I think the stock
headlights are pretty ugly, but these aftermarket ones
with the LED running lights, I actually think look
significantly better. So that’s why it does bump
up the score a little bit. Also, red trucks, we don’t see a ton of, and I do think red and chrome really pops. Like it definitely gets your attention. So that’s what I got. Interesting. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500,
Fuel Full Blown, 22 by 12, negative 44s, Haida Mud Champs, and a six inch BDS. So nice wheels, nice lift, and then some more affordable
tires, interesting. Some custom paint work
on these wheels here. – [Rainey] I think they
got the wheels painted, the grill and then the fender flares and probably the lower
portion of the mirrors painted all at once, which helps tie in all the color at once. – [Fuller] Aftermarket grill, as well. – It’s got Fuel badge in it. Does that mean that Fuel now makes? – I don’t know if they make grills or if this guy just had one put in there. – It’s possible.
– To match his wheels. Some mud flaps, those
are aftermarket ones. Some tube steps. No tint or anything like that. Stock lighting. No spacers, no rubbing, and no trimming. (Jerry speaking faintly) No, you can’t walk through our shot. – What the fuck? – I guess you just said it. Now you might as well walk through. No, come in, Jerry, so
that people can see. We’re almost finished. – Here’s Jerry from Team Arkon. – Nice Custom Offsets shirt, Team Arkon. – Represent. – Thank you. – You’re welcome, love you. – Come on, Jerry. 35s on a six inch with 12 wides and 44s. I feel like either it’s gotta rub or there has to be trimming. I know it doesn’t say
that there is, but hey. – [Rainey] Well, it’s possible with the, those are 12 wides. – I know, they look.
– They’re very deceiving. – [Fuller] They look like nine wides. I think it’s because of the paint. – Some people, if you
upload your information, please do it correctly. – ‘Cause I guess those back ones, they may be a 10 wide. – I’m thinking they’re a 10 wide, which would, ’cause usually
with a six inch lift, BDS tends not to push out, but even then it should
still stick out two inches. – And like if you look at the tires, so if those are 12-1/2 inch tires, you’ve got a decent amount
of rubber sticking out on each side. So I’m gonna say that these
are probably 10 wides. – [Rainey] Yep, that’s my
thought process, as well. – [Fuller] But definitely 22s ’cause there’s not much side wall. Okay, all right, number? – Yep. – Three, two, one. Four.
– Seven. – Seven? – Yeah, it’s a good daily setup. Most states don’t allow a
lotta tire sticking out. – Yeah, that’s true. – They don’t like the big, wide tires like I have on mine. It’s still an aggressive looking truck. It stands up nice and tall, and it’s got some width to it, but it’s not enough to where
like a state boy’s gonna. – Yeah, screw you over
every time you drive by. – Yeah, he’s not gonna harass you and make to where driving to work’s a pain like it is for me. (Fuller chuckling) You always have problems. – Yes. – I went so low simply
because the paint color on the wheels, the first
time I looked at it, I thought it was really bad brake dust, and then I also think
that that paint color eats up some of the lip where they don’t look as
wide as they probably could. And then it’s almost too
much color match for me. When people do their
wheels the exact same color as the body, I think it
can be a little too much of one color. I like to see some sorta contrast, which he does pull off with the chrome. He’s got the chrome
near caps, chrome steps, chrome centers of the wheel, but there’s still a lot
of this maroon-y red color going on, and it just
doesn’t quite do it for me. But lots of work into this truck too and lots of money and paint. So definitely appreciate
everybody’s build. If you guys wanna add yours to the gallery and get it rated, you can do so at customoffsets.com/add. If you don’t already know
what the gallery’s for, basically we’ve got all the specs needed to figure out what fits your vehicle. That’s why we built it. So you can check that out at
customoffsets.com/gallery. If you guys have one
that you want us to do, drop the link to it in the comments below. Peace. (light hip hop music)


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