Reacting to my old KOREAN TV Appearances 😨 | EPISODE 1

This video is going to be pure cringe… I’m telling y’all You’re not ready to watch this Hello everybody welcome to this new video I decided that it would be fun to react to some of my Old videos… Some of my… Old tv appearances On Kor.. On Korean tv This one in particular is my very first tv appearance And I was really unexperienced So it’s going to be fun to watch I guess The name of the show was “Muhan Girls” which means “Infinity Girls” It was the female version of “Infinity Challenge” So with an all women cast We had to play games with the gag women Table tennis and… What else? Something else I forgot But I guess we will find it out soon, right? 3…2..1… Oh! Noona… I’m still close with them “Mi scusi?” ( “Excuse me” in Italian) Why there is the American flag? Ok… Oh… My hairstyle… And those shoes… It was a bit cringe.. ALREADY! Oh NOOO! Already cringy My hairstyle Was like really really different And I think I had a mole here I used to have a mole here like Mr. Bean And I can tell that I didn’t take care of my skin Or my hair Or anything else Oh, Robin! Do you know Robin? He’s doing the tv show The “Abnormal Summit” one The one with the foreigners He’s quite famous now I can tell I was really nervous And I felt uncomfortable I was like “Hello my name is Marco and.. I’m from Italy” We got to choose our partners And I believe this is when we meet them for the first time Well, after we chose them Why are we dancing?! OMG I love them… They are so much fun Change your clothes here I’m sure I wasn’t understanding what they were telling me That was actually fun I love them they are really funny gag women in Korea I think one of them did plastic surgery now So she looks quite different Like only in Korea gag women do plastic surgery…Really It’s time to start the table tennis game Ping Pong Go Marco! … Nope I’m losing… Go Marco… Go! No! I really sucked… 4:0… 0 points? Seriously? Yes! Finally one point! Yeah I was really excited Go… We can do it we can do it! Nope… What’s going on? “못생겼어” it means “you’re ugly” Oh… Look at me… Finally! Another point Are we losing? Yes.. I’m pretty sure we are 9:5?! Yes! 9:6! I believe we can do it! We can make it… I can make it No! What did I say? What am I doing? What? Why am I laughing like that? What the freak is going on?! She was like “Are you afraid? Is she scary?” And I was like “yes”… I couldn’t understand but whatever Ok after the table tennis I think we had to play the game A traditional Korean game Where you have to… There is this ball… And you have to keep… I think I’ll have to show it to you guys Maybe it’s better Because I’m really bad at explaining stuff It’s a Korean tradtional game ANYWAY What? Dance? Why did they do that? Oh my life… OH MY LIFE Ok now it’s the game I was telling you guys Like the one like.. I will show you! So this is how you’re suppose to play it Yes! Nice! And that’s how I did… Ok… Next is the game… The game where you have to make the other people guess What the secret word is And you can not say the actual word Yes, we can do it! 떡볶이 (Korean spicy rice cakes) Oh yes! Go Marko! Mr. Bean! She doesn’t know Shakespeare? She doesn’t know who Shakespeare is?! Terminator Of course Lady Gaga… Good job Marco How did they guess that? What is this? 치어리더? Ah! Cheerleader! Ok… I guess at that time my Korean wasn’t that good Yes! We slayed! I think we won this round.. Like this game Finally! I sucked at everything except this one After the games we had to eat together Like barbecue together And we were…I think… I think we were talking and singing songs “Do you know any song?”
“No” What? Oh… A French song Go Robin Go Marco! “O Sole Mio” of course Oh… YAS! Oh s*it It was really bad But I was cute…I guess? Maybe? Like…I don’t know It was a nice experience tho Like after this tv show I could do other shows And I could improve my Korean skills But when I did this show I couldn’t speak any Korean So you can tell I was Just like “Yeah yeah yeah” Yap.. I hope you enjoyed this… Like… Humiliation I did a lot of other tv shows so if you liked this video Give it a thumbs up so I know that you like it and I can make more episodes You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook Please subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video! Pizza… Carbonara… CIAO… CIAO… CIAO!


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