Red Haired Boy – melodic style dobro

Hi, my name is Ondra Kozák I’ve been playing dobro for two weeks but I’ve been also playing guitar for 27 years and now I’m excited about the dobro because some things are easier to play on it. One of them is what guitar players call “floating” banjo players call it melodic style. In this style, you never play two notes at the same string so you can let strings ring longer It resembles harp a little bit On guitar or dobro, you play one note fretted or with a bar on a thicker string in a higher position usually between 5th and 7th fret and it is alternated with thinner open string which is tuned higher but now sounds lower than the fretted note in a high position I play a higher sounding note on a lower tuned string. Another result of playing in such style, besides notes ringing through is that I don’t have to move my left hand so much. Which is great for me as a dobro beginner. It’s easier for me to hide I can’t play in tune very well. Being excited about the dobro, I made an arrangement of Red Haired Boy in this style. I love fiddle tunes and play them on all the instruments I play. You’ll find a link to TAB below the video if you are interested. It should be played with a CAPO at 2nd fret because this tune is usually played in A while the dobro is tuned to open G But I don’t have a capo yet so I’ll play it in G.

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