Redcat 7 Fashion Burlesque / videoscout-it SPECIAL

So it’s not just for the ´20-ties Cabaret anymore Burlesque is back! And with everything. So it´s not just about corsets, but it´s about what style you pick, what music goes with it and of course the flair that you´d carry it off with. Well, Burlesque is more of a celebration, I think, of sexuality… Yeah, it´s a celebration. Redcat 7 is one of my favourite designers. She does some of my costums for my shows and I love Redcat 7 because she is individual and I can go to Sammy, to Redcat 7 in the Revalerstrasse and I can try something, we can talk about clothes and we can talk about ideas and she does it. Do you find that it´s more difficult for you to find, ehm, clothings specifically for Burlesque? I have small feets. that’s perfect for me I have 40 in my size. Lucky, i have 42. It´s terrible! That´s pity!


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