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if you were tired of wrinkles under eye bags and crow’s feet on your face you’re not alone well now the time to freshen up your appearance before Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season lifestyle expert Scott DeFalco recently stopped by Houston Life to explain how plexi dome can help and also to share a special Thanksgiving offer recognize this face Scott to Falco lifestyle expert welcome back to the show Wow recognizable now you’re recognized it’s all cuz of that product right there Derek LexA derm well and Plex the derm for people who haven’t heard about it this is a product that reduces fine lines wrinkles and under-eye bags it does it in minutes and it’s just a cream Derek it has exploded everywhere I mean there’s commercials we have a full thirty-minute infomercial I get to do these great segments with you guys and all over the country because it is so popular and we’re gonna show you why I could talk about it till like you’d like to say Kourtney till the cows come home but the video and the reel so we have the video of Richie and this is what’s really made it popular when you see it in action I was in the room when we shot this video it is just remarkable because he rubbed a small amount under both of his eyes and literally in two minutes it’s there on your screen both of them just disappear and you know I think this is remarkable in the amount of time as well we’re talking about sagginess puffiness lines around the eye and that is the true sign that people notice oh my word I’m not sure how this happened but now I’ve got what happened and how do I get rid of us absolutely it’s a normal key signs of aging you’re seeing more before-and-afters right now it’s not just the under eye bags it’s working on this is what’s made it such a game-changer in the fashion and beauty industry guys it’s the forehead lines the crow’s feet the laughs lines around your mouth and that loose skin under your neck you can get if someone’s lost a lot of weight or again just with the normal signs of aging look at the difference I mean they’re gaining ten five to ten years on their appearance absolutely in minutes and in minutes like how many minutes Scott well if you’re gonna challenge me like that Derek I’m gonna have to get specific no well you know the funny thing is the old this is a new and improved product so when I first started coming here the product worked in ten minutes but now we’re finding five minutes or less if you remember the old Richie video he rubbed it under one eye went away in three minutes to 20 seconds this one that I brought today it’s in two minutes and again there’s the laughs lines around your mouth you know sometimes people don’t realize that they get that but look at the difference when you see the difference I mean it’s truly truly incredible and people will say to me all the time they’ll say you know Scott it’s great that this works but how does it work you know and that’s just it and sometimes I’m like I don’t care about the science I just want to know that it works the science behind this particular product that was very interesting it is you know science is good results are great you know we love that but it’s actually derived from silicates the formula that I that are in this piece of shale rock that I have here on the table and what’s happening in the formula is as you rub it into your problem area when it dries into your skin the molecules in that formula weave together and they tighten that problem area or they raise the crevices of those wrinkles to reduce the appearance of them and again Derek they’re doing it in minutes I’d have to say if you’re gonna put me on the spot five minutes or less for sure but it varies it really varies per person like I said on average we’re finding with the new and improved formula five minutes or less some people – like Richie some people five you know depending on your genetics and Richie we’re checking back in with him now so you can see that a minute has passed and already you can see a difference yes again when you seeing it on your screen is incredible but being there in person I was watching this I mean it’s mind-blowing it really really is I was there with all the executives Richie kept saying how does it look can I look like wait wait wait wait it’s not done yet and at the two minute mark we were literally screaming I mean we were high-fiving and cheering because we’re like this is just amazing at some point Richie will smile but I do know it’s one thing to see the video but let’s hear from people that have actually been using the product when I first looked in the mirror I thought I was looking an 8 by 10 photograph of myself about 10 years ago and I think if someone is working with the public in sales marketing outside it’s good to have that edge and I think flex a Durham could perhaps give you that edge it doesn’t work and I do see the results when I give it a shot what have you got to lose I could have 20 hours of sleep and people always say oh you look tired which I’m 58 expect gravity to hit so when I saw Plex the Durham and I saw the advertisement I definitely had reservations when I first came in to use the product and looking in the mirror I could definitely say it’s a winner and I think every woman in America would want to use it whether they were young and I’ve had bags from the time I was 28 years old it’s at 58 and I’ll wait so I’m 75 to get the whole facelift but maybe with like surgery I won’t need talks about gravity because gravity sucks it does it gets us all over time and you know the reason for that I just want to let people know is is the collagen you know it’s responsible for the elasticity in your skin and over time is that degrades that’s why we get the sags and the wrinkles and that’s why people a lot of times will go to doctors for those painful expects of excuse me expensive injections but now they don’t have to guys because the greatest thing about Plex the Durham is that it is just the cream completely topical and as you’re seeing it works in minutes and besides that too I mean a lot of times for us we got a makeup artist you know and they do our makeup we’re not feeling good we’re puffy whatever and they kind of work their magic I call it sprinkling the fairy dust but what I love is that some of these makeup artists now are saying the fairy dust is right here in plexitone hey guys my name is sandy marine easy I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and one of the number one question that I always get in my chair is can you make me look younger so we had a few people that we applied it to and some of them at first I was like oh I don’t know if this is gonna work and I was so impressed how fast efficient and how well it really worked now I could really say to people yes I could make you look younger okay I loved it and also this product can be used under makeup right under makeup real simple process Courtenay perplexing I’m on a clean dry face wait we’re gonna tell you ten minutes just to be safe but average five minutes or less than your makeup is normal that’s it two greatest things about pluck syndrome not just how quickly it works how long it lasts get you through six to eight hours of your day that is huge and makeup products I mean can you use any sort of makeup or do we have to be mindful of anything well we want to be mindful especially if people are using moisturizers Derek we want them to use an oilless based moisturizer No right because if there’s oil in that moisturizer it can counteract the effectiveness of plexy term and then you won’t look as good as Richie who’s Richie bags no more right now after two minutes and he did smile he looked in the mirror and said my god I look beautiful he does look like a different person yeah it’s there is a remarkable like noticeable difference thanks God LexA Durham is offering a Thanksgiving special for Houston life viewers call right now get 50% off Plex at arm plus free shipping if you’d like to get in on the deal you can call 893 seven zero six three or log on to their website Plex a term calm and we’ll be right back

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