Repaint! Cupcake Sprinkles Custom OOAK Doll Ever After High Apple White

안녕! (annyeong!) Welcome to Dollightful! I’ve got a sugary-sweet doll to make with you today! We’ll be using this Ever After High Apple White, which has already been prepped for a new face. For some step by step videos including how to prep the doll, See my “Your First Custom” series. Alright! Let’s get to it! Usually I start with pastels do to blushing, but this time I’m drawing in guidelines with a similar color to the skin tone. I’m going to plaster this dolls face with everything that’s good, sprinkles, stars, hearts, Pikachus! All that. So, although it’s difficult to see the line work, that means it will fade away nicely when I paint on top of it. With the lines now in place, I add some initial blushing and eye-shadow using Moongil soft pastels. Since I’ll be going in with paint next, this seems like a good time to spray the doll. Artists have a lot of problems with their sealant during winter, it seems, but I find as long as it’s dry, and you spray quickly, it works. Spray your doll whenever you feel like you need to “save your progress” or build more color. I give mine an average of four sprays throughout the face-up. Time to bust out the acrylics already! I mix all my colors on a small palate, outside the cameras view, and begin filling in my barely visible line work with pastel goodness. I know I recently did something kinda similar with my Christmas Angel’s face, but it seems I’m still in the mood to do super kawaii stuff, so let’s just get it out of my system. I did do an initial sketch of this doll, but it was just line work, not colored, so I’m making this up as I go in a way. I know I want to keep the colors balanced across the face, with no one color dominating the other. Any who has drawn or tried to place sprinkles in a realistically random fashion will know that it’s hard to make things look sporadic, isn’t it? Told you there’d be a pikachu in there. Speaking of which, is anyone else playing Pokemon, Sun or Moon? I got it for Christmas and I’m totally loving it! There’s so many new exciting Pokemon in this game, that I’m having trouble locking down my top six. Anyway, that’s looking pretty good! Now it’s time to do the eyes. I fill in the eyelash lines with saturated purples and pinks, and sky blue for her iris. Usually I do water color pencils first, and acrylics last, so this one feels a little backwards Just goes to show there are countless ways to approach a face-up. I want to keep the face looking clear and colorful, so I’m going with very cartoon-like shading, and generally flat colors. I should mention also, that I was very inspired to make my own sweets doll after seeing Marc Jonathan’s “Sweet Cleo” custom. After going in with acrylics once more to beef up the iris hue and the eye whites, I’m adding large heart-shaped highlights to the eyes, adorable! Lastly, for a realistic shift in textures, I’ll be using gloss varnish to shine-ify the eyes and lips. Time to take down the hair. if your like me and prepped the doll months ago and then forgot about her, you’ll have completely forgotten what it looks like back there, so its a surprise! I really love her curls, but there is a problem, She’s got icky, gooey hair, which happens when the glue inside the head seeps out through the hair plug holes and makes the dolls hair gross like this. Sadly, a fairly common problem. I’ll be using the baby powder technique that I learned over at Jlantis Toys channel. Your supposed to sprinkle powder over the hair, and massage it in, before shaking her a little bit and giving the whole thing a thorough comb-through. The powder will lighten the hair, which I quite like in this case, and also takes away much of the sheen. Most importantly, it does take care of the icky gluey texture. Its also worth noting that she smells really nice now! On to her cloths! While the face is the most fun to make in my opinion, clothing is perhaps the most important part of a custom doll I’ll be using the pattern I stole from Apple White’s original outfit. To see how to collect patterns and make your own doll cloths, check out both of my doll clothing tutorials! Its always a good idea to try the doll clothes on your model quite often to make sure everything is lining up right. You can see there are many layers of tulle in my design, and I’m asking a lot of this tiny corset to hold it all together. On this tiny scale, fabric seems layer up tenfold, compared to its life-size counterpart. Lets add some sugary details! After a whole days work, I stepped back and looked at my dress and realized… I hated the colors I chose. I loved the design, but let’s face it, that Ivory color is not working on Apple. But it looks awesome on Justine, so shes going to get a free dress, and I’m going to start all over, and try again for Apple. Now that I’ve remade the dress in blue, I decided to make some icing like details using fabric paint, naturally, having a fabric paint in the right color would save me a step but, all I have is glow-in-the-dark, so I’ll just paint it when it dries. With many more last minute changes, and a little glitter, my cupcake girl is complete! There have been lots of sweets themed dolls released in the past year or two and I’ve always loved them, but I never found a doll that was quite perfect in my eyes, That’s when you know you’ve got to take things into your own hands, and make your custom dream doll. I’m really glad I made myself remake the dress, even when I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes, slowing down and taking your time makes the difference, and although things are edited down when you see it, it took me quite a lot of troubleshooting to finally get the dress right. In the end, she might just be my new favorite custom, and I think it’s obvious that her name is now Cupcake. Feel free to subscribe and like the video if you love sugary sweet dolls, and I’ll catch you next time! Stay artsy! 안녕! (annyeong!)


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