Hey guys, it’s Sandi. Welcome back to cuteplay. Today, we’re gonna be playing with my favorite Roblox games… Fashion Frenzy. If you guys haven’t played this game before, it is a lot of fun. You are about to go on a runway, and you’re given a theme. So, you need to go in a closet, and dress up, and, compete against everyone else, who’s dressing up at the same time. You have three minutes to pick out the best outfit, that correlates with the theme you’re given, and then you hit the runway, and everybody votes for which outfit, they think is the best, and then you can place either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, and… I never seem to place, so I’m not that great at this game, but you guys are here now, and… I’m sure that you guys are my good luck charms today, so let’s see if I can do any better today… *laughter* “Welcome to Fashion Frenzy!” “Today’s category is: Feeling Yellow” Okay… That seems pretty easy, we’ll just pick out a bunch of… yellow stuff. “You will have 3 minutes to create the best outfit.” 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! “GO” Okay, first… I think I’m gonna pick out, my body… I’m going to choose… right here… …and next I think I’m gonna get some hair, so let’s pick out a hairstyle. I guess I’ll pick out one of the blonde ones, because those are yellow… Which one? Ahhhhhh… This one’s kind of cool, it looks pretty Barbie. I really like this. Great- OH MY GOSH, WHY WHY?! Why are both the hairstyles combined? Okay, how do I remove it? REMOVE… REMOVE! I have two of those braids on, that is so weird. Let’s- let’s stick with this one. *laughter* Why screw more stuff up?! Let’s get some clothes… Okay, are there any yellow clothing items? I feel like everyone’s gonna have the same stuff, ’cause there’s not much like yellow clothes. There’s literally one yellow top. Are their yellow pants? No, there’s no yellow pants. What do you guys think I should do? What should I pick? I don’t know, let’s get these bikini bottoms- OH, IT’S THE WHOLE BIKINI! Oh, this is the Boy’s stuff… That’s okay… Totally! Let’s wear this, ’cause I bet a lot of people are gonna be wearing that yellow top from the girls section… We have like, 50 seconds, to get some cool access- …accessories. There are fidget spinners?! Oh my God. I have a yellow fidget spinner. Last time I played this, there were not fidget spinners. This is ridiculous, and… everybody has has them, because they’re cool! I guess, I guess if you wanna be fashionable, you need a fidget spinner. Let’s pick a face! There are no yellow faces… Does yellow, go with a mood like you know, how blue is sad, yellow’s happy, I guess… maybe we can have this cute freckly one. Umm… Or what about this cute anime one, *laughter* That one’s hilarious! *deep breath* AHH! Should we grab something really quick?! OH NO! Wait, look up, up- LOOK! “TIME’S UP!” No, is there yellow sunglasses? DARN IT! “Welcome everyone to the Fashion Frenzy show.” “It’s time to vote for the best outfit.” Hey, she’s not yellow! She just has a yellow fidget spinner. I’m voting one star for that… Hey, this guy’s wearing all yellow. I like his crown. I’m gonna go four stars. It’s me! Oh, I need to wait! Wait! Hey everyone! Cheer! Woo, vote for me! Yeah, you know you wanna vote for me…! Byeeee! Look I’m considerable for me! I give her… …this one star like the other… girl that only had a yellow feature star! OHHHH!!! She looks similar to what I wore… So I’m gonna ask you for five stars, ’cause I love my outfits *laughter* WOOOO!!! I like her cape- is that a cape?! It is a cape, right? Okay, I’ll score a five. OHHHH!!! I like his glasses, they’re so funny. I’m gonna give him… three. Oh my Gosh, is that me? I placed 2nd! That is so cool! I dunno how… YAYYY!!!! ‘Cause you guys are my lucky charms! I told you, that’s crazy! “Welcome to Fashion Frenzy!” “Today’s category is: Crazy Face” Okay, so Barbara’s just gonna pick the craziest face, but… I guess we’re gonna have to… coordinate an outfit to go along with our crazy face, but I think the first thing we should do is pick out the crazy face we’re going to use. Which one should we pick? Which one is the craziest? *laughter*
There’s some panda one. Oh, look at this beard one- *laughter* This one’s kind of funny. Oh I like that one, this Massena too- Oh my God, what about this Alien?! AHHHH! It’s kind of creepy. This one’s really creepy too… look at this one- AHHH! Is that a crazy bait? I think that’s a crazy bait. Let’s go with that one. If we’re gonna have a crazy face, we need a crazy body, so let’s pick… *laughter*
Let’s pick this robot one. AAH! Okay and… Let’s make him green. Yeahhh!! Oh, look at the green mohawk! Hmm… I dunno guys, we need something super crazy. This is pretty funny. *sneezes four times* Okay! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT! I WAS BUSY SNEEZING! I’m allergic to how crazy this is… Oh, let’s get these huge wings. OH MY GOODNESS! I like those. I think we need to take off that green mohawk though. I think it’s- it’s clashing. There we go. That looks cool. We don’t much time left though guys. We need to get some clothing. Oh, we need a fidget spinner, duh! Let’s take the… red one? Okay, we need clothing… CLOTHING!! Accidents go to the Boys section. *laughter* I can barely see the stuff, because the wings are so huge Oh, can we take the Pikachu shirt? Is- Is that Pikachu? That’s not Pikachu shirt. What’s wrong with Pikachu’s space?! AAHH!
Okay, we’re out of time… I think- I think this was pretty good. I think this is better than last time and somehow we got 2nd last time, so… Maybe we’ll get 1st this time… or maybe we won’t place at all… *laughter* Ohh! He went for the beard one. I don’t think that’s like, a crazy face, so, that’s a crazy dance though. Gets one star, one star for the day. Oh his face is crazier, so we’ll do three! I don’t know how to crazy face, over some crazy horn… Two for the awards, and the Fidget Spinner, ’cause… Everybody needs fidget spinners! THERE’S A RAINBOW FIDGET SPINNER?! That is so cool! I need that woman. It’s kind… Uh… Oh my God, I didn’t get to rate! NOOOO!!!! I was gonna cover four because I love this picture. Oh my gosh! Yeah! This guy’s five stars. That’s a crazy face. How did he get the elephant trunk and stuff? That’s really funny. We should totally win… UHHH!!! Her face is cute, and kind of has two faces, which is a panda face undershirt. Ahhh… That’s not really crazy though… I like her outfit. But it’s a crazy face, a one! The mouth looks like a banana! It looks just like a banana! Okay, I rate four. And she has a golden fidget golden spinner, guys! *surprised* IT’S US!!! C’MON! WAVE! POINT! DANCE! YEAHHH, VOTE FOR US!!! AND THE WINNERS ARE… Where the-, we’re 2nd again! YEAHHH!!! I”M STILL DANCING! Why am I still dancing? Look, the two coolest fidget spinners place the gold one and the rainbow one. I need one of those next time. Intermission! *drinks water* “The category is: The Interview” Okay, so we need a great outfit that you would wear to an interview. We have three minutes to create the best outfit! Would you bring a fidget spinner, to an interview? I don’t know, that rainbow one, people might hire you on the spot if you bring that cool Rainbow one… Okay, we got our body now, we are going to- I guess we should look for outfits… what looks like the most professional outfit here… Umm… Not the one that says “GO TO HELL” *laughter* WHAT?! *laughter* This is what to wear if you don’t want the job. I CAN’T PICK OUT A GOOD OUTFIT! OH I’M SO STRESSED OUT! I’m wasting like all the seconds… NO! Look at this one. This one’s cute, right? Kind of… We don’t have much time, we’re just gonna have to go with it, we’re just gonna have to be confident, and let our personality shine through. during this interview. Alright, let’s get some cool hair. I’ve got this pink hair, it’s so cute, I like it. And we need a fidget spinner right? Where’s the rainbow one? Yes, Yes! Oh, she had glasses of onion glasses. Oh! Ugh! Okay, let’s put some makeup on, and we need glasses. Where do we get the glasses? Glasses will make us look smart, even though we have a fidget spinner in our hand in an interview. No, we only have 5 seconds! NO! NO, ALL RIGHT THERE! PLEASE, YES! *laughter*
Looks funny with our eyes, though. Shoot… Alright. It is runway time! Let’s see if we place again… Oh, WE’RE FIRST UP! HEY GUYS! LOOK HOW SMART I AM! PLEASE HIRE ME! HEEY! I HAVE A RAINBOW FIDGET SPINNER! HAHAHAHAHA! I dunno, that skirt doesn’t really look- Hmm… Yeah, this is pretty good. We’ll give this three stars. Crop top and ripped jeans to an interview, Hmm… Two! I mean, really it depends on what the job is kind of assuming it’s like a a corporate business job. What if it’s like a fashion job in a fashion industry or something? *surprised* Umm… I’ll give her a three. This is a past But does this haunts me? Dance! I mean maybe, he is applying to be a DJ. WOAH! Look at those chains! *laughter* Two stars. He is in his underwear. “The results are in and the winners are…” Ohh, we didn’t place this time… Ok let’s start a new game. “The category is: Diva” That sounds fun. I like this category. Okayy! Let’s go… and pick out our bodies grab our color, and… Bobbie?! What kind of hair would a diva have? What do you think of? These ponytails? Is that diva enough? I don’t know… What does this look like? Umm… What about this big bow? This one’s so cute! Is it more cute, like cute and diva though? This one’s cute, let’s go with this one! I feel like it’s a bit more diva, but what a diva have a fidget spinner? Well, it’s trendy. I think she’d have a pink one, and then we need the feats. Let’s go with… which one looks really “diva-y”? Guess I want the ones with makeup, right? I could try this one, though. Oh, that one’s better… Let’s go with this one. TIME, FOR THE CLOTHES! You guys haven’t seen this outfit. Ah… I like it. I really like it! It looks really pretty I think this is really great, you guys, and we still have 70 seconds left. Should we add something else? like, these bling sunglasses? *laughter* Ahh… probably not. So he has the same outfit as me, oh no! Woah, it looks so cool on camera. Oh, we need to vote! Shoot… I’ll give her three, I like the crown Ohh, she has a tiara! Ahh… I’ll give her four for the tiara. I love the tiara. I didn’t know you could get that. Mmm… I like his outfit… I dunno, I’m gonna rate two. I don’t really like that very good. I like her hat. We’ll give her… three. *surprised* It’s us! Let’s wave! Heeyy! And cheer! And laugh, hahahaha! I don’t think he’s wearing pants… Ohh… I really do like this outfit. I’ll put it on earlier, right? But I feel like it looks really good on her. I really like that the hair matches. Oh, this guy looks so much like the last guy, right? Well, the last guy that looked like that. Let’s do three. *surprised*
We’re not there! But that other girl just has the same dress as we wore! I really like the one that got second though. I feel like she looks the most “diva-y”. Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching. If you haven’t subscribed yet, hit that Subscribe button, and if you like this video, give it a big like! Stay tuned for the fan board, which has no comments on it yet. But, if you guys leave me some comments down below, maybe yours will make it into the next video! Thank you guys so much! Take care, and I’ll see you next time! Bye!


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