Rod Wave “Popular Loner” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I went from just a loner, to a popular loner. I got all these people watching, you know
what I’m saying, I got to be in all these places. If I don’t want to shake a hand or take
a picture one day, it’s like you know what I’m saying? I’m wrong for that. If I don’t want to sit down and let somebody
talk my ear off in the mall, do you know what I am saying, when I am already going through
something, I’m wrong for that. I can’t like this post, can’t share this
thing, so it’s like it’s so much on your shoulders. Even from your family. You know I don’t like barbecues and stuff
like that. You still, if, I be flow, or I changed, if
I don’t come. I was just thinking about stuff that I’ve
been through. You know what I’m saying? Like, I had a conversation with my mom, we
was talking about like, growing up I never really had like no real friends like that
I hung around, or like I kicked it with everyday. So, I just thought about that, you know what
I’m saying, and then we ended up going to the studio that same night, and it just came
out. It was real easy, because I make my song before
I go to the studio. Like I record them, like, I play the beat
in the background and I just record it, you know what I’m saying. So, before I even go to the studio all my
songs be done. The studio is just where I record at, you
know what I’m saying, but I brainstorm and I do all my thinking by myself, so I’m a loner. It’s just frustrating sometimes, you know
what I’m saying, when you feel like, maybe, you know, it’s not that I don’t understand,
it’s people don’t understand me, so it’s like, it makes you like, step back and like
damn. You know what I’m saying? Out of all these problems, am I the problem
or is it them? Looking back saying everybody going through
something and they feel like it ain’t gone never change or it’s just so messed up. It’s going to get brighter. A brighter day gone come, especially if you
working towards it and you making sure it’s gone happen. People feel a certain kind of way, by the
way I say things or I feel like I just say whatever is on my mind. You know what I am saying? I ain’t going to bite my tongue. People feel like that’s wrong, you know
what I am saying? They find something wrong with people who’re
honest, you know what I’m saying. Call it how it is. Five years ago, if I was in this same mall,
you know what I am saying, I could just walk through it. No, I ain’t got to get dressed up. I could just walk through this mall in peace,
you know what I am saying? But it’s like a wild lifestyle. Like from shows, to fans, to, you know what
I’m saying, all kind of stuff. Meetings. As a loner period, you know what I’m saying,
you get out your comfort zone. So you like, “Damn. This lifestyle. Wow. It’s not what I’m used to.” It’s a war, bro. It’s like a constant war every day, you
know what I am saying? I wake up and I go to war with myself. Even if I’m, this morning, you know what
I’m saying, even tonight, I’m probably going to, you know what I’m saying, so it’s
just a constant battle. I was on the bleachers. Like, I wasn’t really in the game. Like I wasn’t really in the, like, I didn’t
talk to girls, no nothing, because I feel like I didn’t have what they wanted. So right now, on that, in that line, I’m
like, shit, I’ma to turn up now. Because, I used to couldn’t. So I’ma ball all season for last season. When I was on the bleachers, I’ve been telling
coach, man put me in the game, you know what I’m saying? So I’ma ball out now. Just soaking up so much stuff from the older
people. It’s like, now when I get dropped back off
into the [inaudible], I’m like, man I don’t, this shit weird. They just do anything for fame, they just,
they weird. You know what I’m saying? They just clown. I don’t, I don’t fuck with them at all
bro. I love everyone who love me, but the other
niggas in the back, I don’t fuck with them niggas man. I ain’t with the beef, I ain’t finna,
I ain’t tryna talk about, listen man. That’s how I feel, you know so, screaming
and hollering and beefing, and talking about this and posing that. I ain’t with it, cause you can’t change
how I feel. You got to be a real, you know what I’m
saying, deep person to change how I feel about something, you know what I’m saying. So, I ain’t really with all the beefing,
all the arguing, and the fighting, I ain’t with it. So that just solidifying that I ain’t like
the other dudes that you can fuck with. I ain’t finna be going through it with you. It took me a while to understand, like, what
a feature really is. You want to pay me to get on your song so
that my people can listen to your music. If I don’t want to do it with you, or if something
goes wrong, or the price too high, your true feelings come out. You know what I’m saying. The way you really feel come out. So I say, I don’t even want to do no features. I don’t want to do none of that. I see what it really means. It’s like all in your actions. You don’t really fuck with me. You just want to fuck with what I got. That’s all on your face. That’s what you came for. I could get online and I could see something
like somebody just hating out of nowhere. And it’s like I never did nothing. You know? I ain’t no asshole. You know what I’m saying? That be online talking shit or putting people
down. I’m literally just chasing my dream, bro. I’m just doing what I love every day. Like, I don’t bother with nobody. You don’t know me. You don’t know where I done been, what I done
been through, the shit I had to do to get here. You mad at me and all I’m trying to do is
take care of my family and live my dream. I never did nothing to you. I ain’t took nothing from you. I ain’t robbed you. I ain’t broke in your house. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t fuck your bitch. So, what you mad at me for? What it’s really about? My classes were like 90 minutes long. So, I got to sit in a room with a bunch of
fake motherfuckers for 90 minutes. I ain’t coming back. Towards the end I kind of felt, man, you know
what I’m saying, it’s finna be over. High school finna over. You need to get you some money, bro. At school, they got these things where you
take the test and then after that you could either go home or, you know what I’m saying,
you could stay at the school, wait for the buses to come. So, I ain’t have no wheels or nothing. So, I would ride the bus. You know what I’m saying? But when they let us out, I would leave like
I’m going home, but I would go do my shit and just jump back on the bus. The bus take me home. Backpack full of stolen shit jump right to
the school bus. For a long time I used to tell my mama “Don’t
worry about me”. When she would catch me doing shit. Like, bro you don’t even got to be doing this,
I got, and I tell her “but I just feel like, if you don’t worry about me you just watch
after my sisters, and y’all, you know what I’m saying, and you’ll be living better. You ain’t got to even worry about me. I’ma take care of me and double back and
take care of all of us.” You see what I’m saying, so it feels good
to, to be, you know what I’m saying, to live up to my words. Just stamping it. You feel me? Like, I’m popular loner. I am him. I am you. You know what I’m saying? We all the same. You know what I’m saying? This for the popular loners. I’m one of them. So many people depending on me. It’s like, back then, I could just do something and just
throw it all away, I wouldn’t have no problem, nobody else would really care. But it is like, I would be throwing away so
much more now.


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