Royal baby: first glimpse of Harry and Meghan’s baby boy

It’s magic.
It’s pretty amazing. And I have the two best guys
in the world so I’m really happy. He has the sweetest temperament.
He’s really calm and … – I know who he gets that from?
[Laughs] He’s just been the dream.
So it’s been a special couple of days. – Everyone says that babies
change so much over two weeks. We’re basically, sort of, monitoring
how the changing process happens over this next month really. His looks are changing every
single day, so who knows? It’s great.
I mean, parenting is amazing. It’s only been what,
two and a half days? Three days? But we’re just so thrilled
to have our own little bundle of joy and be able to spend
some precious times with him as he slowly
starts to grow up. He’s already got a little bit
of facial hair as well. [Laughs]
Wonderful. Guys, thank you very, very much.
– Thank you all so much. –– Thanks for your time. – Thank you and thank you
everybody for all the well wishes and the kindness.
It just means so much. – Thanks guys for your support.

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