SAEED BRIDAL 4 PIECE | Handwork Cutdana Tessal Style | Party Wear Dresses | 2020 Designs

Saeed Cloth House You guys are watching that Saeed Bhai brought new designs I hope that you’ll like these designs & fabrics Today after a long time we have zubair bhai InshaALLAH, today zubair & saeed will show you designs together We have alot of awesome designs This is full heavy tessle We have beautiful colours in this, Show their colours first We have dark green colour in this This white colour of it and this is falsa colour & this one is shopping pink colour & this one is silver colour Show their styles, zubair bhai This is front style of it Its latkan’s are big It will be like that This will be your front Show the work closely, Chaman Bhai This is will be front, make their styles This will be its front style This will be back side with this & we made our dupatta with this Come here, Enayat Khan Show dupatta like that This is two side border dupatta style Show their back fabric also This is full heavy dress This is back with them Price will be Rs.13500 for complete 4 piece package I will show you more colours in this This is silver colour of them All the colours are beautiful, MashaALLAH Show this as dupatta with them Both sides are made of matha patti style There are borders at top You saw the silver grey colour This is bottle green colour of them This is white colour, for the first in this design This is dark purple colour & this one is shopping pink colour Show the work of shopping of pink We have one design in heavy jhaal all-over style I will show you this too Give me its linings Show their colours till then Its cutdana is made of full heavy bunch One colour is smoke grey See the smoke grey colour This is sky blue colour This is peach colour Price will be Rs.3500 per YARD This is ferozi colour This one is dull silver & off white combination This is the different colour of all So enough for today InshaALLAH, we will meet again We will come up with more awesome designs in next video After 5th December, I’ll get heavy designs for brides You must watch this video till end If you like this video do like & share our video please. & Do not forget to subscribe our youtube channel


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