Sarah-Jane Lye from an Ireland loves her career change and lifestyle in Auckland, NZ.

Pineapple lumps! they’re my favorite favorite lolly – and the fact that you call them lollies when they should be called sweets … Hi, I’m Sarah-Jane Lye, and I’m originally from Ireland, and I currently work for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in Auckland, New Zealand. When I started in Fisher & Paykel Healthcare I was on a talent visa which I got through the support of Fisher & Paykel. and I came here as an engineer because that’s what I was hired to do – and I really loved that job, but luckily enough Fisher & Paykel gives the opportunity for people to move around and to try different roles, which worked perfect for me because I’ve always wanted to get into Marketing. And I really enjoy that job because I do get to travel as well as my day-to-day life working here. When I first got the job I was certainly scared and apprehensive, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got here, and how long I’d be here – and six months came and went and I thought. “I’m never leaving …” I have now been here for three and a half years. Sarah-Jane is one of those special people who is my go-to for anyone coming from Ireland If I let her she would be at the airport at two o’clock in the morning to greet them, so, she’s fantastic to have on board. Usually when I arrive to work, it’s straight to get a cup of coffee as we are very lucky to have a barista on-site. And then it’s just a lot of work and a lot of meetings throughout the morning, and then usually at lunchtime we get to sit outside in the sunshine, which is great, and we’ve got a beautiful lake that we can go for a walk around and many of our team mates often play sports or play frisbee In the afternoon it’s just taken up with work or meetings or running from building to building to try and catch people before they go home for the day or to get stuff done, and then about 4:30 it’s hit the road time, and it’s try and get caught in traffic for about an hour … I go horse riding every week. It’s usually a lot of just warm-up flat work to begin with and just a proper lesson of just guidance on what I should and shouldn’t be doing and then we do some jumping. Something I would like to do in future is to have my own horse. It is quite far from – from where I live – so, to not only just the cost of having my own horse, but even just the commute to go out there every day I just don’t have the time and I think as well the fact that I travel a lot with work, it’s just not feasible. But right now it suits me just to be there once a week, and then to have the opportunity to go to shows if I want to. About six months ago, moved into a unit with a friend of mine who also works out here in East Tamaki. We’re very similar and our lifestyles are very similar, so it just works better. I guess we kind of got to the point where we were tired of living in a flat with four or five people We just wanted our own space so – it just worked perfect for us. If you are thinking of coming to New Zealand I would advise you to just do it don’t be apprehensive – there are amazing people here. It’s an amazing country with very friendly people great job opportunities, beautiful scenery and amazing sunshine – why wouldn’t you want to come here?

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