Semana de Moda em Portugal: Moda Lisboa! 🇵🇹 Lisbon Fashion Week!

Look who’s back in a fashion week! Myself: Luli Monteleone! For years I’ve covered SPFW, São Paulo fashion week, Brazil! I finally decided to come to Moda Lisboa, which is Lisbon, Portugal’s fashion week. It’s really just a weekend: it started yesterday, Friday, and goes until tomorrow, Sunday! I came here to take a look, see some fashion show, see if anything catches my eye … I will show you everything, after all, it is always good to know the fashion around the world! This is the area called “Wonder Room”, where there are several Portuguese designers gathered exposing their products. There are some very interesting things, like these straw bags! There are a lot of Portuguese shoes, since the Portuguese shoe market is very strong. There are many jewelry designers … There are some very interesting things, but nothing that caught my attention! There are also other spaces here, which function as “mini-lounges”, it has a dining area … But the cool thing is really the location: a place that was used by the army. So there are some battle tanks, really cool! Another nice thing here is that you don’t need an invitation to enter the common area. Without invitation you can go to the food area … In the lounge area you can also go to most of it. But there is not much to see or do! It would be just to “Show yourself”! I already realized that is exactly what most people come here to do! Even because, in terms of fashion, as far as I saw now, nothing dazzled me! Maybe I was unlucky in the fashion shows I attended, maybe I chose badly … since I don’t know the designers very well, The first show I saw, I wonder if it was swimwear or not … It had bikinis, raincoat, boots … very confusing! But at least I had some fashion info! The second show was terrible! Only had sweatshirt, jeans and t-shirt! The only thing that saved this show was the styling, which was really great! Those pieces were on the catwalk but they could be anywhere … At the Flea Market, at the mall … Sorry for my sincerity, but that show was really bad! Let’s see if I can see a better show now! At least this last fashion show, by Ricardo Preto, was good! The pieces had a good fit, were well sewn, had a good cut … It was interesting! There was nothing innovative, but at least they were interesting pieces! I think I was unlucky in the first two shows, but I will not be able to watch all the shows of Moda Lisboa. It’s only 3 days of fashion shows, but I can’t spend 3 full days here! But it was an interesting experience! It’s very different from São Paulo Fashion Week, at least from SPFW 5 years ago, which was when I was going to … I don’t know how it is now, I think it’s much smaller too … Outside the fashion shows there is not much to do at Moda Lisboa, very different from SPFW which had lots of lounges, lots to see and do! Here you have: where to eat, various food trucks … And some lounges with some games, nothing special … Anyway, it was an interesting experience, I enjoyed coming … but I expected a little more from fashion, a more innovative fashion! Maybe next year! I hope you enjoyed following Moda Lisboa with me! Don’t forget to subscribe here to my channel that has new video every week! Follow me on Instagram: @LuliMonteleone And of course, go to my blog that there is always other information there!

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