Seoul Fashion Week 2020 S/S | Vlog

Hello there, and welcome to my channel. In this video I will share with you my experience
with Seoul Fashion Week 2020, Spring/Summer. First off, what is fashion week? It’s a bi-annual event where all the major fashion
houses show their collection for the season You have spring/summer,
which is the event that I went to, and fall/winter. The biggest fashion houses, such as Dior Chanel, also two other seasons: which are pre-fall and
resort. But those don’t get their own fashion weeks,
because that would be too much. Fashion week is held all over the world, with the most important ones being in New York,
Milan, Paris and London. I obviously went to the one in Seoul, where all the Korean brands show off their new collections. In Seoul, fashion week is held at the Dongdaemun
Design Plaza, or DDP, which is a beautiful building made by Zaha Hadid. There are two main events for fashion week: one is held inside which is obviously
where all the runway shows are, but the thing that to me is just as interesting,
is the events that are held outside. That’s where you can see a lot of people who have dressed up especially for Fashion Week. to show off their new clothes, and to show off their street style. And that is also where a lot of photographers take pictures for magazines and other media outlets. I myself am not quite important enough
to be able to attend the runway shows themselves, so I was also one of the people outside having my picture taken, and taking pictures with the people who were there. You just walk up to someone and ask for a picture, and usually they are more than happy to oblidge. I also got asked to have my picture taken quite a few times by photographers, which was also a lot of fun. But unfortunately as of filming this video
none of the photographers have contacted me, to send the pictures, so all I have the pictures that I’ve taken or my friend has taken of me. If you want to get your picture taken, all
you have to do is walk along the walkway, which is quite busy,
find an empty spot, stand there and start posing. Photographers will just flock to you. It is a very good opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, get more comfortable posing, get more comfortable with photographers taking pictures of you. And you also feel a little famous and important whenever a lot of photographers take pictures of you, so that is also a lot of fun. Of course, even if you don’t have a ticket, outside there is also a spot where you can enjoy the runway shows. There is this big screen where all the shows are streamed live. I was working during this week, so I was only able to attend fashion week two out of the six days it was held. The first day was Monday, and I found out quickly that it hadn’t really
started yet, as everyone was still setting up Even though the website said that it started Monday And the posters said it would start on Monday. It’s ok. It’s fine. So, I just took my tripod and took some pictures of myself. First day I wore this bright yellow skirt that you might recognize, together with this mesh green
top and a black bra underneath. Second day I went was Friday,
which is when I went with a friend. I of course had to make advantage out of the fact that I had someone to take pictures, so I was little extra and took a small suitcase with me to have not one, but two outfit changes. so that she could take as many pictures as possible If you’re watching, thank you for putting up with me. First outfit of the day was this bright orange ensemble that my mother had sown and knit for me. It has these big poufy sleeves that are not very practical, but look beautiful from pretty much
any angle. so that was perfect for Fashion Week. Underneath is a tight orange dress, and I paired it with these red ankle heels
to complete the gradient look. Second look was also partly made by my mom. These white fit and flair pants have this koi carper pattern on it, which go well
with those same heels from earlier. I paired it with this black turtleneck
and red leather jacket. For my final look I wore this patterned skirt
with a high slit that reminds me of something Gucci or Versace would carry. It has this high slit that opens
when I walk, making me feel very feminine. I wore it with this equally seductive white
turtleneck. I wore it these big earrings to tie everything together. And that was it for me for Seoul Fashion Week 2020! I hope you enjoyed, thank you so much for watching, and

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